What Is He Thinking – Mens Thoughts On Women

What men think of women

What men think of women

Being a woman no doubt there are times that you are curious as to know what exactly does go through a mans thoughts, especially the man that you are in a relationship with. Well here we have some insightful information that will make you understand of what does go through a males mind.

1. Commitment

Well all women should know that men are not afraid to commit to a woman, especially if she is a woman that they truly do love. Rather men will not commit to a woman that they have no  feelings for as they do not want to loose their freedom, and they like to pursue whatever they want. So if you are a needy and desperate female that wants to be in a relationship well this is where he will back off  so it is better for you to be confident and that you are in control of your life, this will make it more interesting for him as he will see you as a person that is out there having fun with your life and will want to commit to you as you are not desperate.

2. About the “look”

Women have to realize more than ever that to keep a male attracted she needs to be able to stimulate his mind. Men are not shallow as women tend to think. It is true a man will sleep with a woman for her looks, but this is not enough for him to want to get into a relationship. She has to have more such as a great sense of humor, is stylish and looks after her physical appearance, also that she is neat and tidy and has healthy habits. More importantly that she is able to hold a conversation with the man that does inspire him in more ways than one.

3. Men are just as emotionally needy as women

It is only human to want affection from a relationship that you are in regardless if you are a man as men do enjoy affection, if they feel they are not getting it this is where they will start to hurt as any woman would. The difference is that men will express their affection in a more physical way than a woman does.

4. Men do get nervous about starting a conversation as do women.

Too true men can get nervous and can find it difficult to start a conversation with people they get attracted to just like women do. So if you are having a conversation with a male and you find that he is finding it a tad awkward or hard to establish conversation with you this is where you can make it easier for him as he is as nervous as you are so take note of this to your advantage.

5. Men’s self-esteem is highly wrapped up in their sexual ability

When men get rejected sexually, it does make them feel less of a man, even with men that are in a relationship and they know they are loved, if they do not feel that their woman desires them sexually as much as they desire her, it does hurt their pride in a way a woman cannot possibly imagine. So do not make a man feel that he is not a man by continusouly rejecting his sexual advances, rather it is better to explain why you do not feel like it and that you will make it up to them soon. They would prefer to know why rather than you telling them “not tonight honey”.

6. The male mind isn’t good at game-playing

Men fortunately are not that good at playing games, and this is where a woman will get a mixed signal and think they are playing a game, and then the man will think the sign she is giving him is that she is not interested and will simply give up and walk away.

7. The male mind craves VARIETY

Well this is where your imagination can kick in and add variety and spice into your relationship, dating and bedroom, as the male mind is turned on by doing different things so keep it alive by being yourself and of course let that creative spirit out of you where you can really make things happen, more than likely he will appreciate the wild side in you.

8. Men are as insecure about rejection as are women

The male ego is highly wrapped up in to how he perceives his performance with the opposite sex. This is why you will find that some men it takes them a while to pluck up any courage to ask you out on a date, even if you think that you have made it very obvious to him that you would like him to ask you out on a date.

9. The male mind appreciates things more when they are earned

Men seriously do get turned off by women that are desperate. What men want is a woman that they feel that they have deserved and earned a place to be in their life. That they have proved themselves time and again that they are worthy of being loved by an amazing woman. So become that amazing woman.

10. The male mind can be programmed with the right language

It is true men just love turning a woman on, so if you do want your man to change his behavior in the relationship, rather than saying “Sweetie, I would really appreciate it if you did ….” Better to say instead, “baby it really turns me on when you do ….” So be ready to experience him hovering over you doing exactly what you want as he knows that it turns you on! When you get inside the male mind in this way, you’ll never be confused about why men act the way they do again.

In conclusion

So to understand the man that much easier is simple as they are simple creatures, they do not ask for much just to be respected, loved and cared for, and accepted for who they are rather than what they have. To be appreciated for the man that they are is very important. So do understand that the more respect, honesty, love and caring that you do show your man the more he will love you for it, but do remember that you are your own person, and that you have love for yourself to be valued and appreciated and of course loved in any relationship that you enter. Relationships are a journey for two people not one.

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