What Does Attract Man To A Woman

It is easy to attract a man into your life

It is easy to attract a man into your life

So what is it that will attract man to a woman what is it that will make him want you and eventually fall in love with you? There are many things that will initially attract a man too you but what is it that will want make him want to stay around you and establish a relationship with you. So is it her body, hair, sense of humor, scent? We all know that men are visual creatures, so you would  assume that the initial attraction would be dominated by a woman’s physical strengths rather than the ones that are hidden beneath her exterior. What ranks high though is when a man initially does meet a woman for the first time he feels the sexual chemistry and is attracted to the smile of a woman and when that simmers down he will look for the kindness and her sense of humor virtually in that order. Well read on and find out more that will serve you well in understanding what does attract man to a woman.


The initial attraction of a woman


A man will first see if he has a sexual chemistry happening with a woman, from there it will go to her smile and when he talks to her he will see if she has kindness in her, then he will test her sense of humor. All men have different tastes in body type so he will be drawn to that part of her that does attract him, from there he will be drawn to her eyes and will admire her intelligence and communication skills, he will also be attracted to her teeth and lips, of course the hair does attract, the thicker and more abundant your hair is the more he will be attracted to that.



What attracts a man to a woman in the long term



A man will seek certain qualities in a woman if he wants to establish a long term relationship with her, he will look for kindness, a sense of humor, her communication skills and sexual prowess, he will also like her to be intelligent, enjoy her smiles and will be attracted to her skills in listening, as this is very important to a man as they do like to be heard and understood, as this also shows them that they are loved and cared for, a man also wants a woman that is interested in sex and enjoys plenty of it, he is also interested in a woman that is not concerned about the size of his wallet and of course his assets. He also is attracted to a woman that knows how to look after herself and her appearance and is very feminine and enjoys wearing perfume to stir his senses. A man appreciates a woman and will love her dearly if she is able to show him that she is genuinely there for him and shows respect, appreciation, care and love for him. In return he will be more than happy to treat you like his one and only.


In conclusion


A woman can have a beautiful body, beautiful face, beautiful smile, etc but if she is cold inside then, the attraction will die fast. So if you want to attract a man, then do let yourself shine, and acquire the attributes that men get attracted to. In doing this you will be able to attract man and keep him too. More importantly what every woman should know is that she be herself, rather than trying to be someone that they are not to please a man, so do be yourself as this is the best attraction of all. The more you choose to show the real you the better off you are. Do not be fake after all you do not want a man that is fake rather you want him to be real so you can really get to know him. For this reason it is important always to be yourself.


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