What Does Attract Man To A Woman

It is easy to attract a man into your life

It is easy to attract a man into your life

So what is it that will attract man to a woman what is it that will make him want you and eventually fall in love with you? There are many things that will initially attract a man too you but what is it that will want make him want to stay around you and establish a relationship with you. So is it her body, hair, sense of humor, scent? We all know that men are visual creatures, so you would  assume that the initial attraction would be dominated by a woman’s physical strengths rather than the ones that are hidden beneath her exterior. What ranks high though is when a man initially does meet a woman for the first time he feels the sexual chemistry and is attracted to the smile of a woman and when that simmers down he will look for the kindness and her sense of humor virtually in that order. Well read on and find out more that will serve you well in understanding what does attract man to a woman.


The initial attraction of a woman


A man will first see if he has a sexual chemistry happening with a woman, from there it will go to her smile and when he talks to her he will see if she has kindness in her, then he will test her sense of humor. All men have different tastes in body type so he will be drawn to that part of her that does attract him, from there he will be drawn to her eyes and will admire her intelligence and communication skills, he will also be attracted to her teeth and lips, of course the hair does attract, the thicker and more abundant your hair is the more he will be attracted to that.



What attracts a man to a woman in the long term



A man will seek certain qualities in a woman if he wants to establish a long term relationship with her, he will look for kindness, a sense of humor, her communication skills and sexual prowess, he will also like her to be intelligent, enjoy her smiles and will be attracted to her skills in listening, as this is very important to a man as they do like to be heard and understood, as this also shows them that they are loved and cared for, a man also wants a woman that is interested in sex and enjoys plenty of it, he is also interested in a woman that is not concerned about the size of his wallet and of course his assets. He also is attracted to a woman that knows how to look after herself and her appearance and is very feminine and enjoys wearing perfume to stir his senses. A man appreciates a woman and will love her dearly if she is able to show him that she is genuinely there for him and shows respect, appreciation, care and love for him. In return he will be more than happy to treat you like his one and only.


In conclusion


A woman can have a beautiful body, beautiful face, beautiful smile, etc but if she is cold inside then, the attraction will die fast. So if you want to attract a man, then do let yourself shine, and acquire the attributes that men get attracted to. In doing this you will be able to attract man and keep him too. More importantly what every woman should know is that she be herself, rather than trying to be someone that they are not to please a man, so do be yourself as this is the best attraction of all. The more you choose to show the real you the better off you are. Do not be fake after all you do not want a man that is fake rather you want him to be real so you can really get to know him. For this reason it is important always to be yourself.


Question Answered – Is He Right For Me?

Is he Mr Right?

Is he Mr Right?

You have met someone recently and you want to know if they are they right man for you before you let your emotions get involved. Of course this is a difficult situation to be for any person as you do not know them at all and here you find that you are attracted to them but on the other hand you want to know if it is safe to invest your feelings into the relationship.

If you have been together for a while then you will also be able to tell if he is Mr Right for you. There are  indicators that you need to look out for that will answer your question Is he right for me? Read on and find out if you have Mr Right or Mr Wrong!

Love and attraction

Initially what happens when you first meet that there is an instant attraction based on appearances, chemistry happening between you both etc. So if a man is really attracted to you then of course this is a good sign for you.

Are you able to bring out the best in each other

So this is important if you are able to bring out the best in each other, and he does make you happy and is supportive of you, then he is right for you, as you will be living a balanced and emotionally healthy lifestyle, where your partner enhances it rather than encompasses it. For a long lasting and healthy relationship it does require both partners to support each other personally, socially and professionally. So do you both support each other and give each other space, are both understandable and flexible and allow each other to make mistakes. And that you are both stable in the relationship and planning a solid foundation for your future.

Beliefs and values

A healthy relationship is where both are like minded but do not have to agree about absolutely everything, but you find that you do clash regularly then this could be a sign that you are not ideal partners. Of course you can still make the relationship work but it will require that much more effort and understanding.

Do you both experience genuine fun together

Fun is something that is natural and does occur naturally, as life is way too short to be serious about anything. When you are busy having fun it will keep you young and it will help you to enjoy life and each other when times get tough. So if you both have a similar sense of humour or you enjoy similar interests then of course your chances of being happy long term are evident, but if you do not really get a sense of each others fun side then it just makes it more challenging for the relationship to work.

Relationship Warning Signs to Watch out For

He is definitely not right for you if he is possessive

If you find that you have met someone or are with someone that gets way too jealousy easily and often then he could have insecurity issues that he will have to acknowledge and deal with. So if you do pander to his needs this will only fuel his behavior more rather than help him, and it will only escalate further into the relationship. If he is right for you then he will respect you enough to give you your space and of course trust you implicitly.

Money concerns

Does the man have a steady job, if he does not then do ask why he has not, is it due to circumstances or due to a personality defect, it usually is a good idea to be with a man who is in a similar or better off financial state than you are in. If you find that the man is tight with his money, then he could possibly have control issues that are lurking beneath the surface, or if he is in debt, does he have a gambling or spending habit that you do need to know about.

Loses his temper easily

If the man you are seeing is short tempered then do pay attention to it, as any signs of aggression or bullying could lead to problems that you do not need to deal with, so get out fast the quicker the better.

Arrogant and treats women badly

If the man you are seeing has no respect for other women, then what makes you think that he will have any respect for you. So do observe how he does interact with his mother, sisters, work collegues etc.

In conclusion

You will know if he is Mr Right as he will show you respect, caring, love, understanding, compassion, willing to discuss any problems that may occur. Basically he will be there for you through the thick and the thin. So also do listen to your gut instinct as it will also point you in the right direction of knowing if he is Mr Right for you.

How To Fix Relationship

You can fix a relationshipAre you in a relationship that is experiencing problems and you both are not so happy any more, finding that you are argueing that much more over petty things, your sex life is now suffering also? Well time to know how to fix relationship fast. Of course every relationship will have its moments, where we will experience moments of  wanting to end the relationship completely but when crunch comes to shove you realize that the loving feelings are still there. Understandable it happens in so many relationships and you are not the only couple that experiences highs and lows. We have great ways in which you can help yourself to fix your relationship with your partner.

You are number one

When we get into relationships we tend to give too much and forget about nurturing ourselves, this is where you can start to feel like a bit of a door mat. So the best thing for you to do now is to tell your partner that things are changing, and that you do need more “me time” when your partner will hear this he will start to understand that is a valid reason why the relationship is going through rough waters. So do take the time out to pamper yourself, find time to go have a coffee with friends, get active and start exercising. You are not being selfish rather you are doing something that will bring you together. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you are starting to prioritize yourself and will be happy with the results as you will be more at ease relaxed and happy.

Resolving issues

This is where you and your partner can really take time out to sit down and reflect on what is no longer working for you, what changes are to be made in the relationship and how you can resolve problems more effectively. The purpose of this is to have time out where you both solely respect each other, listen and interact with each other.

Have a rule if it starts to turn into an argument then it is time out, and better to resolve another aspect of the relationship that is a concern for you both. When both of you  can learn to agree to disagree with respect for each other this is the solution to all your problems. We are all very unique beings and all want to be heard and all want to resolve issues that are a win win situation. So be adults about it and maybe wear each others shoes that can be a really big eye opener of why you have the issues that you do today.

The money factor

What you will find is that money does create a lot of stress in many a relationship. Couples worry and argue about it constantly. If you find you and your spouse are starting to badger each other over the bottom line, it’s time to have a penny-pinching powwow. This is where you will need to make an active plan on how you will manage the money such as to combine it or keep it separate or create a joint account and keep some separate. So in making the final decision it has to be agreed upon by both rather than one party.

Be assertive rather than a nagging

If you have requests and you want things done, rather than getting up set and blaming your partner etc it is best to make your request with a smile also be sincere and encouraging, you can also rest your hand on your partners thigh and say honey the place is rather a mess and I am really tired, could you help me tidy up as I really could do with your help right now. This is a better way rather than stating that you are always doing everything and they are too lazy to help you. So be smart be assertive in a nice way, they will be more than happy to oblige if you do ask nicely.

Take the fighting gloves off

If you and your partner are finding that from a simple thing an argument has started and it is esculating it is better to turn around and agree with each other that it is getting to heated and take time out instead. And rediscuss when both are not so hot under the collar.

The joy of sex

Have sex and plenty of it as being intimate with your partner is vital to your relationship and it will be one of the first aspects of a relationship that does suffer, if feelings are floundering. When you have regular sexual encounters it always makes for a great way to reconnect and rekindle with your partner, another great way to keep your relationship filled with intimacy is a simple smile across a room, a kiss, a touch, etc. What is important to know is that regular sex results in emotional fulfillment, better communication, security and reassurance."

Let go of grudes

If you have some bad memories then do let them go, when you hang on to them, they can sabotage your relationship, so rather than hanging onto them let them go, write them down if you must then you can burn it. You could also set a timer for a certain amount of time. It might be 10 minutes. It might be 30. It might be the whole day. The point is: Give yourself as long as you need to really wallow in the misery of these grudges. Savor them. Get angry about them. Mutter about them. Do whatever you need to do to get sick and tired of them, and once you are done, you can say, ‘I will not think about these anymore. These grudges have lost their usefulness then take a match and burn them.

Respect and appreciation for each other

It is important to have respect and appreciation for each other, as time passes we get complacent in a relationship and start to not bother to show appreciation rather we start to take our partner for granted, in turn they will start to resent you, as they are no longer appreciated or respected. So it is important that you do keep the respect and appreciation alive in your relationship.

Get Over Ex – Tips And Advice

Are you over your ex?

Are you over your ex?

When your relationship is over it is not easy it can be very painful and difficult to get over ex, and no doubt they are still someone that you possibly still love and reminisce about. But the break up happened for a reason so it is important that you do pick yourself up. After all it is better to be with no one rather than with someone that is wrong for you. So how do you cope and deal with a break up.

Let the tears flow

Of course allow the tears to flow, allow yourself to feel the pain and be sad let yourself go through the mourning phase after all it is only natural when your heart has been broken. Let yourself feel the pain of the break up rather than bottling up and getting on with life asap. So of course do not mourn forever but do allow sometime to heal yourself

Accept that it is over

It is better for you to accept that the relationship has ended and that it is over for good, once you realize this and accept it, this is where it will make it that much easier for you to move on with your life, if you are secretly hoping that you both will reconcile well this is where you will find it difficult to actually ever move on.

Do not contact your ex

As you know if you do contact your ex it will lead to more pain only. So when you think of getting in touch better for you to let go. Cause if you do meet up all that will happen is that you will no doubt catch up over drinks before you know it you end up having sex with them and you are back to square one. So be smart and do not contact your ex for no reason. Keep that door closed.

Avoid your hang outs

It is pointless to go to places that you both went to together, as it will make it that much harder for you to forget about your ex. So go to places that you did not go to, and if you do work together then it is best to be professional about it all and do your best to work with them but do keep your space.

What to do to fill your time

Of course it will be difficult to get over your ex as you have been together all the time, as they were there for you all the time, and you could not wait to run to them after a day at work, and they were the ones that you poured your heart out to when things were not right. So of course it is hard to imagine life without him. Well all you have to do is go back to what you were doing before you met your ex were you seeing your friends and family were you out socializing, doing your favourite hobbies etc. So do get back into the swing of things. Once you are able to take your ex off that pedestal this is where it will get that much easier to get over him, simply because you really do not need him anymore.

Find distractions

When you are experiencing a breakup then you will need to find lots of distractions as this will make your breakup that much more bearable. So put on your slinky black number and go out with the girls and do have fun, get into a fitness program, go on a trip alone, and do rediscover any of your passions and do something that you have never ever done before. So keep that mind busy.

Time is the healer

Understandably it does take time to get over someone. There will be days where you will feel great and there will be days where it will feel bad and you will just want to find a place that you can escape to. Then of course when you do least expect it, there will be something seemingly insignificant that will remind you of him and you will be flooded with emotions. This is where you will want to succumb and text your ex but do stay strong and do avoid this at all costs.  Do give yourself reminders of why the relationship did not work out when you find your heart is pining for him. Rather focus on his bad qualities and all the bad times that did lead to the break up. This of course will stop you from doing anything silly. It is better that you do make a list of what you do want in a future relationship and read over it time and again, more so when you are feeling low, as you do deserve the best so why settle for less.

Allow yourself to fall in love again

For some people they are to afraid to fall in love again, and they close their hearts to love, well at least you loved when you were in your last relationship and do realize that sometimes you do have to kiss a couple of frogs before you do meet your prince so that now makes you one frog closer. So never ever give up on love. Also do not jump into any rebound relationship either. You do need to have time out for yourself for a while but time does heal so when you do feel that much better then you can jump right back into the dating pool.



You Can Heal Depression Yourself

The depression cycle

The depression cycle

It can happen to any one depression can is something that does happen and nobody has been given an exemption card for it. As each day passes you find that you can not lift a finger to do anything, life is not worth living, and time just slips away, and each day you find that you are getting deeper and deeper into the black hole of despair. But you can turn your depression into happiness, by changing some things for yourself day in day out, if you suspect that your depression is overwhelming for you then do seek professional advice and help after all that is what they are their for and would be more than happy to assist you.   

We can all experience depression from time to time such as you lose your job, or your relationship ends or someone you love passes on, some people unfortunately stay blue for months and even years. Of course it does take time to get over things, but you need to understand that life keeps moving and you make sad feelings the exception in your life and not the rule.

Do what you love

If you have some interests or hobbies, and you are feeling down, then why not get involved in your hobby or your interests as this could help you to ease your depression while you pick up the pieces and move on with your life. When you are feeling depressed you will not want to do anything, rather you find it takes a lot of energy to do even simple tasks, but what is important that you do keep moving on and doing something that will break you out of the rut. So do get up take a shower and do get dressed and do what you have to do rather than succumb to the depressive state you are in.

Go smell the roses

When we get depressed we would rather stay indoors rather than go outside and admire the sky or the flowers in bloom, enjoying the sunshine on our faces, or even going for a brisk walk.  For some people they will experience more depression in the winter months as the sun rarely shines, and the skies are gray. So do your best to get out and about and absorb some sunshine and if any flowers are in bloom then stop and smell their heady fragrance. This will give you a more positive mood and help to ease the depression a little.

Play with your pets

When we are overwhelmed with depression more than likely you have ignored your pet or pets if you have them as you no doubt are to morose to bother with them.  You have isolated yourself and you are effectively pushing everyone who does love you away from you. And if you do live alone this is where you will experience even more loneliness as you have no access to another human being so do get involved with your pet, as they do love you unconditionally and without judgement. If you do not have a pet then do borrow somebody elses. Why not walk your neighbors dog for them with their permission of course. Having your pet around you can and will ease your depression.

Join a support group or any group that interests you

When you are suffering from depression it is good to join either a support group for depression or groups where you have similar interests as you interact and mingle with the other people you will feel their level of excitement and it will rub off on to you. No doubt you will find that people love to share their stories and ideas about your common likes etc. So when you are spending time with groups of people this will uplift your spirit, and will give you a purpose to help yourself recover from depression.


It is important that you do something physically active, whether it is exercising, yoga, dance, meditation, swimming, zumba, walking just to name some this will get your body activated and your body will thank you for it and your depression will lift. You will feel good about accomplishing something that is physical and demanding, and it will give your mind a break from whatever it is that is plaguing you and from your depression. So when you do some form of physical exercise it does release endorphins which are natural mood and energy boosters.

Healthy food choices

Rather than eating heaps of junk food while you are depressed rather turn to eat wholesome healthy foods that will pick you up and nurture your body. So eat many small healthy snacks throughout the day as this will keep your energy and spirits up. Do limit any alcohol consumption and caffeine as they do affect your blood sugar levels and that is the last thing that you need when you are trying to get back into a happy state of mind. Do also remember to drink plenty of water, when you do not drink plenty of water you will feel fatigued and lifeless as you are dehydrated.

Choose to live in the present

When you are sad and depressed it involves thoughts that are in the past and not looking forward to a future, so it is better for you to have your thoughts for the day, say about for 20 mins then lock them away and spend the rest of your day being in the moment.

Of course for many it will be hard to do, but when you choose to do this leave your thoughts in day tight compartments you will find that the heaviness will lift and whatever is on your mind will go and of course your depression will start to lift as it does not dominate your whole day. So do be wise have your thoughts but then chose to close the door on them for the rest of the day and get on with your life.

Find your passion

If you are finding that you do not have a passion then start exploring in ways that will set the passion within you let it ignite. In this way you will look forward to every day as you start to engage in things that do make you smile and do contribute to your quality of life. Do seek out any activities that you do enjoy and do make them a priority, so go about and spend more time doing all the things that you really do like and less time on the things that take the life right out of you. Stop depression from robbing you of the life that you really do want and deserve. So start to day to make the change for all your tomorrows.