The Attraction For Sex For Him And Her


Sexual attraction

Sexual attraction

Wondering how you get sexually attracted to someone or turned on by them well there is more to it all than meets the eye. Simply put your brain is reacting to stimuli that it is receiving and is sending out signals that you might not be aware of, therefore shaping your reactions and choices. From certain sounds to actual physical changes that do alter your sexual self in bizarre ways, so here we have ways in which your brain might be controlling the off on switch for your attractions, so be aware of how you are shaping your reactions and choices.

Triggers of attraction

There are very obvious triggers that will attract a male such as cleavage, wide hips, and an ample butt. But there are also less obvious triggers that set men off, so we will provide them for you to explore but the point is do not try and work all these triggers rather pick up to four that you know that you will be comfortable with to pull off effortlessly time and again.

Right on the left ear

When sweet nothings are whispered into the left ear this can be to an advantage to lovers as it is the left ear that is better at picking up on emotional words rather than the right ear. So if you whisper to your lover that you love them into their left ear it will have a stronger impact on them.

The breast attraction

Men are attracted to breasts for many reasons as they are beautiful, come in different sizes, are visible and are more fun than playing with the dog. So this is where the chemical key for men’s fixation on breasts is held. It is the simple fact that when a partner does touch, massage or nibble a woman’s breasts this does release oxytocin in the womans brain, therefore it helps to strengthen a bond with her desire for her partner. So that is why men enjoy the breasts as they know it can make a woman feel hot and become more bonded to them.

It is in the scents that we love.

So we do get attracted to a scent of a person that is released from our pores. So this is where our sexual attraction for another is produced from our very own body scent. So when we wear different scents this also could attract and create a sexual attraction with your partner. Scents do evoke sexual attraction.

Melodies of love.

So when you have a sexual attraction flowing between you and your partner, it is the back  round music that does also create an attraction for sex as it sends a message to that part of our brain that is associated with pleasures such as eating and of course sex. 

It is in the way you walk

When a woman walks she is emphasizing her hips and is also showing off her sensuality, it also shows to a man that you do know what you are doing with your hips and it does make a man look at you, so now you know why men love going to strip clubs as they do enjoy looking at women in motion, so do let men look at you.

The hair speaks volumes

Well we all know that it does take many years to grow your hair long and it can be difficult to keep it healthy. When you have healthy hair this is a sign that all is well with your body as we all know that you cannot grow hair if you are not healthy.

 Soft feminine voice

You do know that men do like a feminine voice that is slightly softer and higher pitched. The reason why they enjoy this sound is that it indicates youth and fewer burdens in life which men do want to be around that soft alluring feminine voice.

A womans dress code

The way in which a woman does choose to dress are distinct expressions of who you are this is where you need to feel that you are feminine and sensual in your clothes and do accentuate what parts of yourself that you do find attractive, so the more you emphasize your assets the more looks you will get. Try it for a week and see the difference as you will get compliments from others.

It is in the lips

When we accentuate our lips and create luscious looking lips then men do find this very attractive as men do love to look at a woman’s lips. So do wear some lipstick add some gloss but make sure the color does suit you.

 Clear soft skin

When your skin feels silky soft and is clear then this is what does make you attractive so do make sure that you wear plenty of sunscreen, drink lots of water and eat heaps of fruit and vegetables, as clear soft skin indicates to a man that you are healthy and fertile not only that he will enjoy the feel of your skin.

The eyes sparkle

Just like your skin and hair when eyes sparkle it also indicates good health, but also when eyes sparkle they are a sign of happiness and joy, if you are pessimistic or sad, or angry or stressed your eyes will not shine. So what ever is causing your eyes not to shine then heal that aspect of you and do let them shine for you again. So do go about sorting your issues and do drink lots of water to flush your body out of any toxins as this will help your whites of your eyes to stay bright and healthy looking.

It is about posture

Remember to stand straight and tall and it can be simply done by imagining that someone has tied a string to the base of your neck and are pulling you up.

It is about sexual confidence

The more you are able to accept your bodies imperfections and its faults and flaws this is where you will be able to embrace and empower yourself in feeling sexually confident, if you do lack in this department it will show as awkward movements and that you hide it all under drab clothing or you are socially passive which tells men that you are boring and they will move on. So do know and believe that you are sexy and hot and it will be there for men to see and they will love it.

Physical Signs of Sexual Attraction

Sweaty Palms –  when your palms start to sweat the reason for this is the increased heart rate so if you meet a man shake his hand and feel the effect that you are having on his palm.

Mirroring – When people interact with each other such as in dating scenarios and things are going well between them, this is where you will find that their body language will be mirrored without them even realizing. We also will mirror verbal patterns of people that we are attracted to.

Change in voice pitch – Women will raise the pitch of their voice where as men will drop their voice. This automatically happens when there is an attraction happening between the couple.

Grooming –  When we start to groom ourselves such as picking off lint from our clothes etc we are preening ourselves as an invitation where as women will touch themselves  more so in the presence of men that they like and it comes across as a subtle invitation.

Change in posture – What you will find is that men will tend to stand straighter, jut out their chests and place their hands around their groins this is to draw your attention to their prized possession. Basically he is strutting his stuff for you

 Unnecessary touching –  Men will take any opportunity that they can get to make some sort of physical contact with a woman that they do like and they are attracted to. They will try to innocently graze your forearm, put their hand on your lower back or steer you through human traffic, or a touch on your shoulder a man does all this as he is sussing out your boundaries and it is his way of asking permission to be able to touch you some more.

In conclusion

So when people experience sexual attraction to each other, then there are many signs and signals that males and females alike that they will send to each other to get the message across. So we initially get attracted to someone that does appeal to our senses in more ways than one.

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