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What Does It Mean When Your Partner Wants Break From Relationship

It is good to have a break from your relationship if it gets too much and you need to time out to sort it out.

It is good to have a break from your relationship if it gets too much and you need to time out to sort it out.

Your partner has informed you that he has been thinking a lot lately and wants to take time out of the relationship, or he tells you that "he wants break from each other”. So are you sensing then that it is the end of the relationship between you? Well when a partner asks to take a break in the relationship there is a reason for it, and it does not always lead to a break up rather it could make the relationship an even better one. But the reason for a break in any relationship is that there are problems in it and this is why the “break” is asked for.

So if you have been told “I want to take a break” from your partner, it could mean that they are leading the way out towards a break up, so how can you tell if it will lead to a permanent breakup or will the relationship get better. It is good to look out for clues which could have lead to this. If he just tells you out of the blue that he wants a break then this is not a good sign, rather if he has said to you that he does need to talk to about things and could he arrange a time to see you to talk then you know that there are problems in the relationship and he does want to find a resolution and he does not take it lightly to make a permanent break up with you.

What is also good for you is to find out where you stand simply ask upfront if he wants out for good, or just time out. Of course many problems could be avoided or easily be resolved by having a chat. So do speak up and ask is it a break up or only a break.

There are times when we will sabotage a relationship as we want it to end, and hope the other person will turn around and end it, sometimes we can be afraid to hurt the other person and start to avoid them etc just to get the message across that we no longer want to be with them. So any relationship can get into this predicament over time as every relationship does have its moments. So if you feel that you need a break from your relationship then do so go ahead.

You can you take a break without ending the relationship.

Sometimes when a relationship can get too much all we want is time out, this is where it is important that you do stress to your partner that it is only a time out and is not heading towards a breakup rather that you need to take time out for yourself for whatever reasons. So it is important that you both sit down and discuss and talk in detail what this will mean to the relationship and how long the break is for, if the break is for a long period of time then of course it will lead to a break up.

The rules of time out from each other

So it is best to lay down some rules if you are only having a break, such as are you both allowed to see other people, are you both taking a break from talking too each other or just in seeing each other, so are you allowed to text each other still, do your friends etc are they allowed to know about it, this is important that you do speak about these type of things with your partner. If you not discuss these things it could only cause major problems when the initial goal of the break was to fix the relationship.

Do decide on a time frame and stick to it

If you find that after setting a time frame and you do require more time or your partner does then do be open to this as sometimes it does make for a better outcome in the long term, as your partner will start to understand the importance of having you in their life, and that all the problems you have can be sorted out. So do be patient, also realize that it also gives you the time that you need to see if it really is working for you also. It could be you that turns around and tells your partner that you no longer desire the relationship to continue.

Pick a date night

When taking a break it is also advisable that you do meet at least once a week and make it a date night, where this night should be about discussing your relationship and any problems that you have with it. You could also use it to get back to enjoying each other’s company again. So it does have its advantages and disadvantages. Once again it gives you an opportunity also to see if you really do want the relationship to work out or not.

Resolving problems

Apart from setting a date night you could also set time aside just to talk about what you have found in the relationship that it is not working for you, so see it as a time that you are both talking to each other rationally and logically without argument rather like friends that are doing their best to get to the bottom of it all.

Respect the rules

If you both have agreed that the break is for the best and you have set down your rules it is best that you do respect them and if you do break them then this means that you do not care enough about the relationship and if you do respect them then your partner will appreciate you for this.

Do not go seeing other people

Of course this is important also do not think this is an open ticket to go and see others and have a fling or two. As this will definitely not fix your relationship rather it would be the end of it all. After all you would not want your partner to go seeing others when you are on a break would you?

Time to think about the relationship

This is a great opportunity where you can really look at the relationship from all angles and see if it is working for you,  what problems are real and how best to resolve them, how you contributed to the making of the problems, and what is at the heart of the relationship, is there a lot of betrayal, mistrust, jealousy, conflicts, anger, sadness if so why did these situations occur to lead to this.

Think of all the positives in the relationship

When you are taking a break from a relationship it means that it is in a bad place, but it does not necessarily mean that there have not been any great things about it. So do think about the positive things about the relationship and do share these with your partner. This is where your appreciation will kick in and you will realize that there is also good in the relationship.

Break time over

When the break time is completely over then this is where you both had lots of opportunities to seek whether the relationship can progress and what does need to change and strive to make those changes. Taking a break should be about taking time to think about how to make the relationship better, therefore when you do decide to give it another try you should have a clear plan about how you want to do things differently.

So do you need a break from your relationship?

If you find that there are constant arguments or you have also lost the ability to communicate with each other, or you are desperate for some kind of change then yes do take a break from your relationship. It does happen when we can get caught up in unhealthy patterns in our relationship that we cannot break out of no matter how much we try. A break gives you the chance to cool down and really consider all aspects of the relationship such as the good the bad and not so ugly. So does your partner outweigh the bad, do you still see a future with them?

In conclusion

When an opportunity to take a break from a relationship it could prove to be stronger than ever, but you do need to work at ways in which to fix things that are going wrong. So this is where you take the opportunity to analyse the relationship and see what is actually wrong and make plans on how you are going to fix it.


Psychology In Love – Understanding The Way Men Fall In Love

Love in psychology

Love in psychology

When a man is asked what love feels like to him, more than likely his response would be that it relates to sexual passion and desire that is also possibly tinged with a touch of obsession for the woman. So what does a man experience is it love or lust or both. To understand the psychology in love where men are concerned makes it easier for any woman to understand her man better.

When women do fall in love they will experience moments of happiness and many great mixed feelings, where as men when they fall in love it is  completely different to women. For love to hit initially there has to be some sort of attraction which will help to get the ball rolling for love to blossom. So how do you really know if a man is falling in love with you and what are the phases he will go through to get there. To make it easier for you to understand the psychology in love for men we have listed the phases for you to explore.

1. Tarzan likes Jane

A man has to have that instant physical attraction for you and this is based upon your physical appearance. It is true that men will initially become attracted to a part of the female anatomy and as men are all different they will no doubt like different things about a woman. There are men that get attracted to a curvy behind and for some the bigger the better and there are others that prefer the small behind. When men get older they will become attracted to the smaller things such as her lips, eyes, nose or how feminine and graceful she is within a mans presence. Therefore it has nothing to do with the whole package rather there has to be a specific appeal in a woman this is where he will start to like you.

2. The Hunter on the prowl

Men will basically hunt around to see which female will actually respond to any of there advances from the females that they do like, so if a woman does give him a signal that she does like him, this is when a man will stop his hunting and start to focus solely on his prey. Any advances that are made initially are very discreet and you would not call it obvious flirting, the man is looking for confirmation that if they do start to pursue you that something will happen. Therefore at this stage, if a man does like a woman he is not really bothered about the outcome, so if the female does reject him or does not respond to his advances then it makes it easy for him to move on to another woman, no doubt there are exceptions but this is usually the norm for what men would think at this point in time.

3. The Chase is on

When a man receives a positive response to his advances from a female that he really does like, then he will start the chase. This is where you will find that some signs will not be that obvious but the man will automatically assume that you do and he will pursue the woman and he will do this by showing her attention and will do his best to win her over, so the name of the game here is I am trying to get your attention. Once he has established that he has got your attention this is where things will move into the next phase of attraction.

4. The “I’m Going To Impress You”

By this stage women are falling in love, but for men they are no where near that point. All they are trying to do is impress you big time, they are doing this to prove to you that they are a worthy mate. They will plan dates, of course flood you with gifts, and they will also try and make you happy and in that same moment they hope they are making you happy and that they have also impressed you. No doubt the woman has held back but she will now succumb to his advances.

5. The“I Want You To Love Me”

So if a man knows that he is actually winning you over and that you are falling in love with him, this is the feel good factor and he knows more than ever that he has succeeded in what he set out to do and that was to get you to fall in love with him. No doubt he has also impressed you with his relationship skills this is all to prove to you that he does indeed make for a great lifelong partner for you. So at this stage he is waiting to hear the phrase “I love you” from your lips. Once he hears these words he knows he has got the trophy.

6. The Decision Phase

So once it gets to this stage a man knows that you have expressed your feelings and that they also know that they have got your love and commitment, so what will now unfold for both is that right up until this time he was only trying to prove to you that he is exactly what you were looking for in a man to love. This is where the problems will come out as he shows you his true colors which he hid from you while he was being the man of your dreams. Therefore he never was being his true self so the man you actually fell in love with is not the exact man you really think he is. A man will not wonder if you were right for them as his focus was in impressing you and it all was based on their initial physical attraction to you.

It is at this very phase that a man will wonder if a real relationship will blossom from this point. This is the stage where a man will really start to observe you as a real person and will see if they really do like you. Also at this particular stage is when a man will decide if you are worth trying for a long term relationship with them. In this phase a man will start to ask himself questions such as do I love her? Do I really want to be with her? Will I really be happy with her? Is she really the woman that I want? It is at this stage where it is also easy for a man  to let go of a woman and it could be for pointless reasons. Men are genetically engineered to spread their seed, so when a man does eventually decide to love a woman that they want to be with she will have to be perfect in his perspectives but it is also the same for the woman the only big difference is that you made up your mind much sooner.

7. The “I Love You” from him

So if at this point if it does not feel right for a man then he will leave you for good, or he will start to ignore you if it was only a fling. In the case where a man does want to give love a go he will be ready for it, he will no doubt succumb to his feelings and will also become overwhelmed with feelings of love for you, this is where you will see that he will start to take care of you, and he will act jealous, and will do all the other things that do come with love. To true men do make a decision on whether to fall in love or not and the reason behind this is that men do not want to get hurt and their defence mechanisms do kick in to protect them.

In conclusion

Now that you know how men fall in love then be a wise woman and do not give in to all of their advances, so if you really want a particular man do not give in to his advances and do not say “I love you” when he wants you to say it, so do go ahead and turn his world upside down and what you will find is a man falling helplessly in love with you and not being able to control his own emotions for you. So with matters of the heart, be wise do show the man that you do like him, but let him pursue you, but in the same instance help to bring out the real man that he is, you do want someone that is showing their real self to you, so be smart let a man tell you that he loves you first, as in this way it will show you that you have won him over.

But to keep any relationship alive it does require effort on both parts as a relationship is about having a job that you love doing, so do put into it as it will contribute to any happiness that you can share with each other.



B Grateful For What You Have & You Will Be Happy

Be grateful always

Be grateful always

So many people today are very unhappy with their lives yet if they stopped for a moment to think how their lives are really blessed then they would realize that there is no need to feel unhappy. So see it as a wake up call to see life from a different perspective, when you are able to do this you will start living and loving life as you will have an attitude of gratitude. We live in a modern world with so many mod cons that we do not even know what to do with them all and they accumulate around your home. Well this calls for a spring clean. Start to de clutter your home in this way you will also be de cluttering your life. You will feel so much better when you will be able to achieve this for yourself. So the key to happiness is having an attitude of gratitude.

Wake up each day with an attitude of gratitude

The best thing you can do for yourself is when you awaken each morning and as you get out of bed be grateful that you can do this, on top of that you had a nice comfy sleep in a comfy bed!. So the sooner you start the easier it becomes. If it makes it easier or more familiar to you, thank God for your life, health and the very fact you woke up and got another day of life as a gift. Otherwise, thank Nature or the Universe. Just make sure your gratitude is truly heartfelt. There are so many things that you can be grateful for. Life can throw some curve balls at you but do realize it could be worse. To every thing that happens there is a lighter side.

So the more you practice gratitude that is heart felt then you will experience the magic that goes with it such as it sends good vibes to over 90 percent of your mind which is subconscious. So the more you can appreciate the people in your life all the good in your life the more you will experience it in your own personal life. The simple practice of feeling and expressing gratitude reveals how to be happy with what you have.

Happiness is part of gratitude

The more you have to be grateful for the more happiness you will experience, as you live your life day in day out you will feel blessed for all the things that come your way and what is in your life today. When you have gratitude you are actually savoring life and that is truly living in the moment therefore every second is well lived without any regrets. The older we get the wiser we get where we are able to instil in the younger generation that having this simple but beautiful virtue will help their lives to become much easier and also more enjoyable. So next time you want to feel grateful for something then do your best to feel it from your heart because this is where it comes from the real gratitude. The word “gratitude” can be spoken but it needs to be felt in the heart to feel the true meaning of it. You will know when you have achieved this as it is a very humbling experience.

Charity work brings joy and happiness!

To further experience happiness a great way to go is to become charitable with your time towards others that are in need. It is very rewarding as you see the results of the charitable you in the person that is receiving it. You could also do charity work at animal shelters, nursing homes, hospitals there are so many places where you can volunteer your time to help a worthy cause as it will bringing meaning and fulfillment to our lives. Happiness is what follows.

In conclusion

To experience more happiness in your life then b grateful for all the good you have in your life the good the bad the ugly, in all of it there is something of value to be learnt and to be appreciated and to be humbled. When we learn the true value of life that it does not revolve around a bank account but in life itself then this is where you will truly start to appreciate all that is you and all that is in your life today. So b grateful for your past as it has taught you many lessons, b grateful for the present as your past helped you become the person you are in the present, b grateful for your future, as your past and present are helping you to experience a brighter, happier and wisdom filled future. To all I send you many blessings from above!

"I try to be grateful for the abundance of the blessings that I have, for the journey that I'm on and to relish each day as a gift."