The Sexual Attraction Factor For Him and Her

attraction factorNo doubt somewhere in your life you would have experienced the heat between you and another, well that is what you would call the attraction factor where you feel the sexual chemistry build up between you  both. This is something that you just cannot plan it will just happen between you and another person that you met or in future will meet. Basically you are both enjoying the attraction between you and within less than an hour you find that the heat just keeps turning up even more so between you both and you cannot resist but touch each other. What has happened between you is the attraction factor has kicked into high gear and the sexually charged atmosphere is about to explode. So how does this happen this wild passionate uncontrollable force that leaves you feeling so weak willed and yet wildy courageous in the heat of the moment.

The Sexual Attraction Factor

So how is sexual attraction best defined and understood, well to put it in a nutshell it boils down to both are finding each other sexually attractive and both have the ability to arouse each other sexually therefore the attraction factor is on the higher end of the scale. But in stating this almost always, sexual attraction is rather to do with the physical stimulation and the physical attributes, such as attractive looks and physique and having the ability to dance, or the natural body odor of a person. So do be aware that sexual attraction is not the same as physical attraction or infatuation.

Sexual attraction relates to the raw sexual desire to jump into bed with the other person where as physical attraction relates to a fondness that you would experience where it is based on their appearance and or their behavior. So the sexual attraction experience that you have could end up being a platonic experience for you both, or in some instances it could possibly lead to romance, friendship or even more sex only.

So in the instance that you find you are talking to someone you could either find them attractive, begin to like them and see them as a potential date or you could be also experiencing a sexual attraction where all you want to do is to find the nearest bedroom and get it on with them. This does happen to women and men, where they can experience an overwhelming sexual attraction to someone and all they want to do is get the action happening fast.

How do you create sexual attraction?

You cannot fake sexual attraction, but rather there are ways in which you can enhance or accentuate a sexual attraction between you both. So to increase a sexual attraction you do have to go about creating it and fortunately there are many ways in which you can do this. If you have been in a long term relationship and never had the real buzz happening well it is never to late to set the flames of sexual attraction between you on fire.

Signs of sexual attraction.

You will know if you are experiencing a sexual attraction to someone you meet as you  talk to them you will start to feel hot and flustered as this is the sexual chemistry at work in your body this of course gets reciprocated and before you know it you are both sizzling and burning away for each other. And when they touch you it is like a fire that rips through you and all you want to do then is to grab each other there and then and go for it. As you both walk out the door you find that you are grabbing for each other and kissing each other hotly and passionately and just cannot wait till you get to a bedroom. As you jump into a cab you are both still at each other big time. The wild side has come out in both of you.

1. Close contact

When you are sexually attracted to someone you will find it difficult to stay away from them, you will do anything to get that much closer to them, whether it be in a lift or elevator or simply walking along. If you are attracted to someone and they are trying to get closer to you then this is definitely a sign to you that they are definitely sexually attracted to you in a big way.

2. Flirting

When you enjoy flirting with someone whether you have just met them or you are in a relationship with them this is a great sign that there is sexual attraction between you both. So if you find someone that is sexually attractive to you, more than likely you will talk dirty or be a constant tease when they are around you.

3. Location – sights of interest

Without realizing it more than likely when you are sexually attracted to someone you will look at their body whether it be their breasts, crotch, butt or lips when you realize you are doing this you will try and stop it but yet you will find that you will find every sneaky opportunity to let your eyes drift away to get another eyeful of her sexiness. When you are sexually attracted to someone you will look at that person’s body.

4. Physical appearance

So if you happen to be with someone that does sexually excite you big time, then you will become more aware of your own body and your appearance. More than likely you will have a look at your own body here and there and then you will go about trying to emphasize any body parts that will flatter your assets the most.

5. Drawling conversations

What you will also find that when two people are sexually attracted to each other they will talk sexy between each other and you will also notice that their voices would get softer and deeper where it will virtually end in a slow whisper. Also your faces would end up being very close to each other too.

6. Intense stares

When experiencing the heat of sexual desire it will bring out the raw animal within you to the fore. So when someone is deeply sexually attracted to you they will stare really hard at you…. constantly, as they are trying hard to absorb the entirety of you. Also their eyes will brighten up and they will sparkle with happiness when they are looking at you.

7. The lingering of longing

When someone is sexually attracted to you they will linger when they have to leave, everything will linger from their touch, to their kiss goodbye and they will even makes excuses such as they can stay a little longer.

In conclusion

If you have ever experienced any of the above signs then you have experienced sexual attraction with someone which they shared with you also. What is important to understand that if you do have a relationship with someone where you experience intense sexual attraction over time this will dwindle, but there are many ways in which you can re ignite the heat of the sexual attraction between you that was ignited so long ago.


"Sexual attraction brings out the wild side of you time and again"




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