Question Answered – Is He Right For Me?

Is he Mr Right?

Is he Mr Right?

You have met someone recently and you want to know if they are they right man for you before you let your emotions get involved. Of course this is a difficult situation to be for any person as you do not know them at all and here you find that you are attracted to them but on the other hand you want to know if it is safe to invest your feelings into the relationship.

If you have been together for a while then you will also be able to tell if he is Mr Right for you. There are  indicators that you need to look out for that will answer your question Is he right for me? Read on and find out if you have Mr Right or Mr Wrong!

Love and attraction

Initially what happens when you first meet that there is an instant attraction based on appearances, chemistry happening between you both etc. So if a man is really attracted to you then of course this is a good sign for you.

Are you able to bring out the best in each other

So this is important if you are able to bring out the best in each other, and he does make you happy and is supportive of you, then he is right for you, as you will be living a balanced and emotionally healthy lifestyle, where your partner enhances it rather than encompasses it. For a long lasting and healthy relationship it does require both partners to support each other personally, socially and professionally. So do you both support each other and give each other space, are both understandable and flexible and allow each other to make mistakes. And that you are both stable in the relationship and planning a solid foundation for your future.

Beliefs and values

A healthy relationship is where both are like minded but do not have to agree about absolutely everything, but you find that you do clash regularly then this could be a sign that you are not ideal partners. Of course you can still make the relationship work but it will require that much more effort and understanding.

Do you both experience genuine fun together

Fun is something that is natural and does occur naturally, as life is way too short to be serious about anything. When you are busy having fun it will keep you young and it will help you to enjoy life and each other when times get tough. So if you both have a similar sense of humour or you enjoy similar interests then of course your chances of being happy long term are evident, but if you do not really get a sense of each others fun side then it just makes it more challenging for the relationship to work.

Relationship Warning Signs to Watch out For

He is definitely not right for you if he is possessive

If you find that you have met someone or are with someone that gets way too jealousy easily and often then he could have insecurity issues that he will have to acknowledge and deal with. So if you do pander to his needs this will only fuel his behavior more rather than help him, and it will only escalate further into the relationship. If he is right for you then he will respect you enough to give you your space and of course trust you implicitly.

Money concerns

Does the man have a steady job, if he does not then do ask why he has not, is it due to circumstances or due to a personality defect, it usually is a good idea to be with a man who is in a similar or better off financial state than you are in. If you find that the man is tight with his money, then he could possibly have control issues that are lurking beneath the surface, or if he is in debt, does he have a gambling or spending habit that you do need to know about.

Loses his temper easily

If the man you are seeing is short tempered then do pay attention to it, as any signs of aggression or bullying could lead to problems that you do not need to deal with, so get out fast the quicker the better.

Arrogant and treats women badly

If the man you are seeing has no respect for other women, then what makes you think that he will have any respect for you. So do observe how he does interact with his mother, sisters, work collegues etc.

In conclusion

You will know if he is Mr Right as he will show you respect, caring, love, understanding, compassion, willing to discuss any problems that may occur. Basically he will be there for you through the thick and the thin. So also do listen to your gut instinct as it will also point you in the right direction of knowing if he is Mr Right for you.

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