More Women Make Stand To Become Assertive

Always make your stand and be heard.

Always make your stand and be heard.

For all women they can at times find it difficult to be assertive with friends, family, co workers and partners. When they do they get labelled as bitches when all they are doing is that they are trying to make stand for themselves. So we are about to provide you with ways in which you can be assertive without having to be seen as a bitch or being bitchy. It all boils down to you being assertive in a positive way without stepping on anybodies toes.

If you have something valid to say then say it.

There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who wants to assert their position just because they can. This is where they will say a lot of things that make them appear as if they are an expert on the subject, even though it becomes obvious that they do not have a clue. So if you do have something to say and share then do so from a stance where you have the knowledge and or experience or you could end up looking like a fool. So in having this it is less likely for you to offend a person that you will disagree with if your opinions differ.

So do back up with facts in this way people will be more inclined to take you more seriously. They could also be grateful to you that you were assertive enough in telling them what is actually on your mind as you have provided them with insight on the subject and they actually learnt something from you.

Display a healthy level of confidence

It is good to display confidence when you talk to someone without being overly confident as this could turn them off you, and they will perceive you as been rude and a bitch. You do tread a fine line, so do say it with a level of confidence that you are being friendly rather than being a know it all. A great way to display confidence is in your posture, so walk tall and do look people in the eyes, carry yourself well and that you do believe in yourself 100%, even if you find that you are not totally confident in the situation what you will notice is that the way you walk will give you that little unexpected boost that will assist you to look and feel the part.

Remember your manners

When you forget your manners while talking to others this is where you will be doing yourself an injustice and been seen as someone who is rude and offensive and you will put them off with your behavior and they will not bother listening to a word that you say. So do show respect and manners when you speak to others and this will be returned to you. After all do unto others like you would like done to you. Be the lady that you are.

Stick to your goal

There are times when we can find it difficult to be assertive as we are afraid that we could possibly upset the other person and they could end up possibly not liking you. So if you are the type of person that likes to please people, then this could be difficult for you as you do not want to rock anyone’s boat. However it is important that you do stick with your goal, as an example you are trying to get a refund on an item and they are trying to shut you up and make you go away. They give you a difficult time so you just give up. But this is where you have to stand your ground and forge ahead any way even if it will make you feel uncomfortable. So do keep it in mind that there are times where it does become necessary for you to say exactly what is on your mind, this will also help the other person realize that they were not helpful to you in anyway. So  don’t be afraid to be the force when the situation calls for it.

Dont lose your values

Generally when someone feels like they have to enter into a disagreement or face someone that has a different opinion, it may be easy to agree just for the sake of foregoing an argument. No doubt you know that deep down that you do see things differently to them but you choose not say anything as you do not want to end up in an argument.

Certainly there is a time and a place for voicing your concerns and you don’t have to turn every difference of opinion into a war. But, you also don’t have to lie down and say nothing when you feel like your morals and values are being stepped on and walked over.

We all deserve to be respected, so if someone is showing you obvious disrespect for you or someone else then do stand up for yourself or them and share your opinion. So make the other person aware that you do not appreciate your feelings being violated or disrespected. Do though remember if you have offended someone by what you have said and you did it with kindness and respect then it is their problem not yours. So do not care too much what people think about you anyway. Rather it is up too them on how they choose to react to you and in do realize you really have no control over that , if you find that you respond in a way that is totally inappropriate then they will look the fool not you.

In conclusion

Do learn to stand up for yourself, and assert yourself in situations that do take strength and courage. Initially you may be scared to do it, but you will feel amazing when you do not let yourself be a doormat.


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