Men Say “I Love You” When…

Men Say “I Love You when …”

There are so many women that ache to hear those words part from a mans lips, unfortunately you will rarely hear them, but you will definitely see that he loves you, men prefer to show you rather than tell you that they love you.

When a woman shows respect for herself, sets her standards and expects the man in her life to meet them then she will get his respect and he will appreciate that she has set a high standard as this tells him this lady cares about her self and she knows her true worth. In return of course, this wonderful lady has class, style, charisma, sex appeal, has a great sense of humor etc. You may think how does a woman attain all this? Simple she values herself as a woman worthy and deserving of love.

When a woman is able to show her man respect, caring, appreciation, and that she is also genuinely their to be his friend, companion and lover, and that she does look after her appearance, knows that a splash of perfume gives her the scent of attraction, and knows that behind close doors that love, lust, passion, giving and taking are all part and parcel of loving who you are and allowing the man that adores you to know that side of you”.

A man appreciates a woman that can laugh at his jokes, pays attention to him when he talks to her, has a great smile, shows that she is happy to be with him, this is all what it takes for a man to say I love you.

A Man Loves A Challenge

What every woman should know is that a man does love to chase a woman, so remember to have a bit of mystique about yourself, and do realise that it is important that you do have your own opinions, rather than always agreeing with what he wants, so stand your ground and let him find you challenging in a fun way, also remember he loves been a man, so let him be that, but he loves you to be the feminine woman that you are so stay being that.

The Mistake Women Make

Once a woman has got her man, he tells her he loves her, that’s when she starts to feel safe an lets go of all the good things that made him love her, relationships are not about getting someone to fall in love with you, and then you start to disrespect the man cause you think you have him eating out of your palm, which no doubt he is, do realize he will get tired of it all and gradually his love will fade away, so always realize that a relationship is like a garden the more you maintain it the more you will get from it.

Sexual Side Of You

When you are in a relationship with a man, it is great for a woman to now and again instigate an intimate moment between them, also do let your passion flow and enjoy the moment as this helps forge a closer connection between you and your partner, as time passes and the relationship goes into another phase, this is where the passion could start to fade, but it is up to you using the essence of the woman you are to show your man that the passion is still there. So see it as an enjoyable task that you look forward to let your imagination become the master of your pleasure with your man. Let your hair down and truly enjoy whatever intimate moments you are sharing after all he is the one you love. A man does appreciate a woman that can return his passion time after time so be there and realize it is for your benefit also. It is part and parcel of a healthy relationship.

In Conclusion

It is important that women value their self worth and that they are lovable and that they are beautiful. To also realize that there is a man that is seeking his ideal woman that is you. Beauty is inner that does shine through on the outer. So what you expect from your man, do realize he also seeks the same, so to be the woman men want, allow your feminity  to blossom and shine through.

By Raisa Soria


"I want to hold your hand, laugh at your jokes, walk by your side, snuggle on the couch, look into your eyes, talk about whatever, dream of the future and kiss your lips".




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