Keep Love Alive In Your Relationship

Keeping love alive

Keeping love alive

Are you in a relationship where the loving feeling is dying between you both, yet deep down you know that you care for each other that buried underneath it all you both know that love is still there flickering away, so how do you keep love alive and blossoming in a relationship that is going down hill. It really is simple once you realize that all you really have to do is to create the loving moments between you both such as a touch, a kiss, helping out with a task or a smile. Also when your partner does want to talk then you do listen with interest rather than showing them a bored look. But do listen and respond accordingly, by doing this you are showing that you really do care for them and they will love you for it.

There are many communication skills that you can use to reduce conflict which does assist in keeping the flame of love alive between you both. There are several layers of listening such as ignoring, pretending, attentive, thinking up your rebuttal, so which one do you use when trying to resolve a conflict between you and your partner? What is best is to set aside any of your own agendas and do listen with the single intention of doing your best to understand. So when your partner does want to tell you something important then do your best to understand them.

Every communication skills program includes some form of this skill because it dependably works to reduce conflict, prepares hearts for successful resolutions and meets our deep-seated longings to be heard and understood.

There are several layers of listening — ignoring, pretending, attentive, thinking up your rebuttal — but only the highest level will produce a "micro-moment of positivity resonance." That requires setting aside your own agenda and listening with the single intention of trying to understand. So, the next time someone wants to tell you something that appears to be important to them:

So the best way to keep the love alive between you both is as follows which are great tips that will assist you and your partner to bring forth the love between you both.

  • Having an issue? Stop what you are doing and resolve.
  • Do face them, do look them in the eyes with a caring, interested expression.
  • Do listen carefully, not just to the words that are spoken but also the emotions that are behind the words.
  • Stop your inner judge the critic. Remember it is not about you right now, rather it is about understanding the other.
  • Do respond in a caring way, do repeat back to the other what has been spoken, also include the emotions and any motivations that you perceive.
  • If they correct you and say that you got it wrong then do accept this and do listen some more until they have finished.
  • Now do not go about spoiling the moment of the loving connection that has been established with criticizing, arguing or taking the opportunity to teach them a lesson.

When you chose to model a loving behaviour, you are actually training those people around you so if you do need a good listener, they will then know how to do it for you. So listening is where love begins, and it is also where love is maintained. So to continue in keeping your love feelings alive and vibrant keep practicing caring, non judgmental listening, So do learn how to listen with care and you will keep the love burning between you both.

In conclusion

So to keep the love alive and happening in your relationship it is important that you do listen with care, the more you are able to do this the more the love will grow between you both. So in any relationship that you do want it to blossom then do show them that you do love them and care for them and do listen without judgement. If you follow these simple rules you will always have love in your life.

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