If You Are In Unhappy Marriage We Have The Solution

Are you in an unhappy marriage?

Are you in an unhappy marriage?

Are you finding that you are in unhappy marriage? This can happen when a couple are experiencing problems and all aspects of the relationship start to break down. Of course it can that you no longer love your partner or they no longer love you, these things do happen but before you go for the break up why not consider a break instead. This will give you both time to understand whether you should try and salvage your relationship or to let go completely. For many couples though it is the frustration of wanting to resolve issues but not having the proper skills to do this. We have the advice that will help you get your relationship back on track.

Signs your marriage is not a happy one

When you are experiencing the following this is where you will really need to look at many aspects of why it has lead to this point.

  • Lack or no communication
  • Living separate lives while together
  • No intimacy shared
  • No respect shown to each other
  • Constantly argueing
  • Your partner is having an affair
  • Dishonesty and no loyalty
  • Your partner tells you that they are no longer happy in the relationship

If you are experiencing any of the above then your relationship needs a complete overhaul where you can regain what you had in the beginning. If an affair is taking place well this is where it could head to a complete breakdown. People usually will turn to having an affair if they are no longer happy in a relationship.

Start to reconnect

This is important that you turn around and tell your partner that you are no longer happy in the relationship and that you would like to make a go of making it work again. If your partner would like to see the relationship get back on track they could be at first standoffish but they more than likely would agree. You could both organize a time where you both will be stress free and relaxed enough to re establish communication between you both. Do make sure that you inform your partner that this time is for understanding and resolving issues between you in a respectful way with each other.

Understanding each other

Once you have the communication happening again this is where you will both need to really sit down and understand each other like you both did in the beginning of your relationship, where you both wanted to be together and did your best to resolve issues. If your partner tells you things about yourself that you do not like such as you no longer look after yourself or that you have no respect for them etc. then do take note of it all, it is far better to have out the good the bad and the ugly between you both, and do understand that it is for the better, couples tend to keep on sweeping everything underneath the mat until it all builds up and then it all comes out in one big hit. So it is important that you do show that you do care, that you do understand, and that you do take responsibility in the break down of the relationship where it has become an unhappy one. Your partner will then see that you are trying and will more than likely be happy to join you and confess that he was not that great either and does want to make amends so you both are striving towards the same goal of healing the relationship between you both.

Re establishing intimacy

Depending how long you have been together it is always good to have a great sex life after all that is one of the reasons that you got with them in the first place wasn’t it. When you choose to spend time together, this is where your love bond will reignite, as you both show each other through intimate moments how much the love is there for each other, there are many ways in which you can keep it flowing between you both do ask and share with your partner what they would like to establish as a regular sex life between you both and in between you can always still share that loving feeling through hugs, kisses, and cuddles, you have chosen to be with each other so enjoy each other in the best possible way with loving each other through the special bonding of sharing and enjoying each other.

Make special time for you both

This is where you simply do either nothing at all and just relax in each others company sharing jokes, things of interest, or how you feel about things, but it is a time where there is no need to discuss pressing issues or problems rather it is a special time each week where you are both truly enjoying each others company. This is very important to every relationship to have this special bonding time out, and if it leads to lots of kisses, laughter, giggles, and cuddles well enjoy it all after all that is what you are there for.

In conclusion

Every relationship will have its moments where it will experience ups and downs, so of course no relationship will ever be perfect, we are all different and unique human beings. So rather than seeing it as a bad thing see it as a good thing that it has given you both the wake up call that you need to bring back the love, respect, care, understanding and compassion back into the relationship.




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