How To Improve Confidence Using Eye Contact

Create confidence with eye contact

Create confidence with eye contact

Your eyes are your greatest tool in assisting you in building a rapport with people. It is the eyes that are able to convey almost every emotion and feeling that we have. So due to this factor it is important to be able to make proper eye contact with people that you interact with. No doubt you have experienced situations where you were having a conversation with someone and you just could not look them in the eyes. Understanding how to improve confidence by using eye contact will help you to be able to look people in the eye without having to look away.

Eye contact could convey so many things and yet eye contact could also mask so many things. As an example when you were little and you tried lieing to your parents, they could tell you were lying as you could not maintain confident eye contact with them. What has been also proven as a fact that when a man meets a woman, maintaining eye contact is a way in which to promote interest. If you are not able to maintain eye contact then chances are you have lost the rapport you could gain. Within the business world eye contact is used to support and maintain conviction, trust and confidence.

Being realistic there are many people that are unable to maintain eye contact for long periods of time as this does make them start to feel uncomfortable, this then can make relations with people different and may also mean that you do not have confidence in yourself.

Tips to maintain eye contact:

If you find it difficult to look directly into someones eyes then try locking both of your eyes with only one of their eyes. There is a good chance that they will not be able to tell the difference. So in this moment you can gain some confidence as you know that you are tricking them as they are unaware that you are looking at only one of their eyes. If you still find that you cannot look this person in the eyes, then you could try looking at the tip of their nose, so when this is done the person does not have any idea that you are actually looking into their eyes.

The difference between staring and eye contact

There is a big difference between eye contact and staring. With eye contact many things can be conveyed with a look where as staring can be understood and perceived as intimidating. So when you are able to master the basics of eye contact you will find that many doors will open for you. There are other areas of body language that you can learn about that will benefit you. There is so much that you can learn from other people and most of it will come from the eyes.

Create confidence with eye contact

Create confidence with eye contact

When you are able to maintain eye contact this will let the other person know that you are confident and a cool character. So do allow yourself pleasant interactions with other people this will help you to excel in social situations. So being able to maintain eye contact a sense of confidence and honesty will exude from you and people in your life will see a side to you that they did not know that existed in you.

In conclusion

Learning to maintain eye contact with people is a great way in obtaining more confidence in yourself, with the great tips to assist you in enabling you to achieve eye contact. So do yourself a good turn and do learn to maintain eye contact the easy way therefore improving your confidence.

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