Get Over Ex – Tips And Advice

Are you over your ex?

Are you over your ex?

When your relationship is over it is not easy it can be very painful and difficult to get over ex, and no doubt they are still someone that you possibly still love and reminisce about. But the break up happened for a reason so it is important that you do pick yourself up. After all it is better to be with no one rather than with someone that is wrong for you. So how do you cope and deal with a break up.

Let the tears flow

Of course allow the tears to flow, allow yourself to feel the pain and be sad let yourself go through the mourning phase after all it is only natural when your heart has been broken. Let yourself feel the pain of the break up rather than bottling up and getting on with life asap. So of course do not mourn forever but do allow sometime to heal yourself

Accept that it is over

It is better for you to accept that the relationship has ended and that it is over for good, once you realize this and accept it, this is where it will make it that much easier for you to move on with your life, if you are secretly hoping that you both will reconcile well this is where you will find it difficult to actually ever move on.

Do not contact your ex

As you know if you do contact your ex it will lead to more pain only. So when you think of getting in touch better for you to let go. Cause if you do meet up all that will happen is that you will no doubt catch up over drinks before you know it you end up having sex with them and you are back to square one. So be smart and do not contact your ex for no reason. Keep that door closed.

Avoid your hang outs

It is pointless to go to places that you both went to together, as it will make it that much harder for you to forget about your ex. So go to places that you did not go to, and if you do work together then it is best to be professional about it all and do your best to work with them but do keep your space.

What to do to fill your time

Of course it will be difficult to get over your ex as you have been together all the time, as they were there for you all the time, and you could not wait to run to them after a day at work, and they were the ones that you poured your heart out to when things were not right. So of course it is hard to imagine life without him. Well all you have to do is go back to what you were doing before you met your ex were you seeing your friends and family were you out socializing, doing your favourite hobbies etc. So do get back into the swing of things. Once you are able to take your ex off that pedestal this is where it will get that much easier to get over him, simply because you really do not need him anymore.

Find distractions

When you are experiencing a breakup then you will need to find lots of distractions as this will make your breakup that much more bearable. So put on your slinky black number and go out with the girls and do have fun, get into a fitness program, go on a trip alone, and do rediscover any of your passions and do something that you have never ever done before. So keep that mind busy.

Time is the healer

Understandably it does take time to get over someone. There will be days where you will feel great and there will be days where it will feel bad and you will just want to find a place that you can escape to. Then of course when you do least expect it, there will be something seemingly insignificant that will remind you of him and you will be flooded with emotions. This is where you will want to succumb and text your ex but do stay strong and do avoid this at all costs.  Do give yourself reminders of why the relationship did not work out when you find your heart is pining for him. Rather focus on his bad qualities and all the bad times that did lead to the break up. This of course will stop you from doing anything silly. It is better that you do make a list of what you do want in a future relationship and read over it time and again, more so when you are feeling low, as you do deserve the best so why settle for less.

Allow yourself to fall in love again

For some people they are to afraid to fall in love again, and they close their hearts to love, well at least you loved when you were in your last relationship and do realize that sometimes you do have to kiss a couple of frogs before you do meet your prince so that now makes you one frog closer. So never ever give up on love. Also do not jump into any rebound relationship either. You do need to have time out for yourself for a while but time does heal so when you do feel that much better then you can jump right back into the dating pool.



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