For A Happier You Live A Purposeful Life

The purpose of life

The purpose of life

Everybody no doubt has at one stage or another has asked themselves questions that relate to their purpose of living on this planet or what is exactly a purposeful life. Of course for some people they do understand what their purpose is and for others it can be a hard question to answer. The more we choose to understand our life purpose the more we are able to enjoy life. So do you know what your life purpose is?

Understanding your purpose

Basically you are here for a time, to live your life to the fullest, to experience the good the bad and not so ugly no one is born and receives an exemption card from anything, so what you live through, then it is all about how you choose to deal with it. There have been many a person that has struggled and been through so much in their childhood, who have experienced great trauma, and yet through their pains and sorrows they are able to stand up in the world and make a mark on it.

They choose to speak up and fight for the rights of children exposing the ugliness of what they experienced, or they choose to help others by writing books about their life experiences, or they choose to become great mentors in other peoples lives. So it is up to each person to understand what feels right for them then this is their purpose. It is about being of service to humanity, being the best person that you can be, making the world a better place to live in. Every day choices are also about your life purpose, the more you are able to do good, the more you believe in good, and the more you can radiate out this good in any shape or form then you are fulfilling your life purpose.

Why pain and suffering for so many

It is part of the journey of life, the lessons that come our way, how we choose to deal with them and still be at peace, it is about knowing and understanding that behind each and every pain and suffering there is more to it all. As when we see catastrophes that happen around the world so many people unite and have compassion for the ones suffering and the prayers abound the world, through grief, sorrow, sadness, and pain the world gets united when a world disaster occurs.

It brings out our humanness to care and to feel for the people that are suffering and it makes you want to do more, for some people they have actually left their home country to travel to another country that is experiencing a catastrophe to assist the people in need, where they have turned around and spoke that in such tragedy they found their life purpose as they were part of it all. They were able to help with whatever field of expertise they were in or whatever support they could provide. Yes when we see pain and suffering it opens our hearts to others.

Live your life filled with purpose

Do choose to live your life with a purpose, whether it is to help others in need, or in your spare time you can assist a charity or animal rescue shelter, or you can travel to other countries and offer your services to an organization that does require help then you will be fulfilling your life purpose. Every day that is lived with an intent to do good for yourself and others is a purposeful day that is lived. The effects of your goodness will ripple out time and again to others. So live your life each day with a great purpose in mind and fulfil it daily.


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