Finding Soulmate With The Universe

Soulmate attraction

Soulmate attraction

In life we tend to look for a soulmate as we think by having one in your life that it will make it complete. Do realize that soulmates do come in to your life in many ways, such as friends, family members and yes pets. But of course like many singles they would want to be with a romantic soul mate that is sharing life with a partner. So finding soulmate for some could be difficult only cause they think that, rather it is better to understand that the universe is so big and your soulmate will soon be a part of your life.

The universe puts out big signs that tell you this is the one that is for you, and of course at times we can be so blind and not read the signs that stare at us in the face, or there have been many occasions where your soulmate was right underneath your nose and yet you could not see it, until you got a big wake up call and the universe shook your world to make you aware that this is the one. So read on so you know when it is happening to you.

Instant recognition

Regardless if it is a platonic or romantic soulmate there is an inner knowing as you get this feeling of mutual understanding which occurs almost instantly upon meeting each other, and as time passes it does get deeper and truer as you do get to know each other that much better. So what can start out as a shared laugh over something that you both found mutually funny could lead to a lifetime of mutual laughter. So do take note of any moments of an instant connection with any people that you meet, as you never know where it will take you.

The coincidence factor

So as you go about your relationship you will know if it is your soul mate  as there will be signs that surround you guiding you along the journey, coincidences will abound, as an example you could admire a beautiful red rose, and then you find that your soul mate turns around and sees you later that evening and is holding a beautiful bunch of red roses etc this is the universes way of  sending you those little affirmations that the two of you are meant to be together, so do not ignore the signs rather take heed of them.

Your gut instinct

That is right your gut instinct will tell you if they are your soulmate or not. For many couples who have been married for decades  they will often state that they had a sense of knowing their partner was the one, the moment that they laid eyes on each other. Of course there are other ways in which you can experience this also such as a experiencing a little wave of intensity, or you will find that your heart might beat a little faster, so take note of the gut feelings that are telling you this is it this is the one.

Feeling a sense of urgency or magnetism

If you find yourself in the vicinity of a soul mate more than likely you will probably feel drawn to them or pulled toward them. You might also feel a sense of  urgency such as I need to talk to that person right now. We do easily dismiss these feelings that we get, as they come out of nowhere and they just do not make any sense, but do yourself a favour if you feel that pull then follow it as it is the universe that is nudging you down a path so do follow it.

Wrong place wrong time, but right place right time in meeting  your soulmate

You no doubt have been in situations where you felt that you were at the wrong place or wrong time but it actually turns out to be perfect timing in meeting your soulmate.

Usually when about to meet a soul mate it could start with some sort of hiccup in your daily routine, or you find that something will go wrong, or your plans are all falling apart, this has happened for a reason, at the time it all seems like such an inconvenience which it is meant to be but the beauty of it all happening that way as the door opens to meet your soulmate as an example you are on your way to work and you find that you have a flat tyre so rather than fixing it you plan instead to catch the train or bus.

As you manage to find your self a seat using public transport you find that you sat right next to your soulmate or you lock yourself out of your car in the car park of a busy shopping centre, then up comes your soulmate and helps you to unlock your car. Or you lost your pet and go to the local centre to see if it has been handed in and there is your pooch with your future soul partner who is trying to find its owner. Oh the wonders of the universe as they have fun in setting us up to meet our soul partners in fun and unusual ways. So all the hassle is worth it at the end as you have found your soul partner from it all.

6. Premonitions

There can be times where you will get a premonition of meeting your future soul mate such as in a dream or a déjà vu type of sensation, there have been people also that have also drawn pictures randomly of their future soulmate, or wrote a poem or a story about their future soulmate. Or you can wake up one morning and have a knowing that today is going to be different something good is going to happen you sense an excitement within you, and you cannot place your finger on it, but you are compelled to add a dab of perfume or style your hair, or put on that special dress that flatters you, off you go about your day and nothing much happens, and you think well that was a crazy notion that you had, and not long after that thought this is where your day turns out to be exactly that, the excitement hits you hard as you stare unexpectedly into your future soulmates eyes as the unexpected but expected has happened. You are both in the fruit store picking out apples and you both reach out for the same one, yes you guessed it your premonition has just unfolded for you.

In conclusion

The universe is great in its ways of showing us signs in that we are going to meet our soulmate they nudge us along in directions and when we start to date our soulmate they give you plenty of signs that this is the one for you. So if you are single or are in a relationship then do look out for the signs and enjoy each and every day as each day passes it gets you one day closer to meeting your soul mate!

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