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How Do I Get Man To Love Me

I love you with my heart

I love you with my heart

You could be in a relationship where you find that your partner is showing you little affection and interest and you think that his love is dying for you, all you want is his love to be the way it used to be, or you are in a relationship and you want your man to tell you that he loves you, or you want to one day be with a man and get man to love me only. So how do you get to a man’s heart and get him to love you. Well read on sweet lady as I reveal my secrets to you.

Why do you want a man to love you?

Well have you questioned yourself why you want a man to love you, are they for the right reasons or the wrong reasons, what are your real intentions towards him, is it to use him as a meal ticket, exploit his goodness to your advantage, use him to get back at your ex, or are you genuinely wanting a man to love you for who you are with no hidden agendas if this is the truth then you will get a man to fall in love with you easily.

Be real be true

It is important that when you are in a relationship or choosing to be in one that you are real in who you are and that you are true i.e. honest, as this makes way for a great relationship foundation, a man appreciates it when a woman is real and is honest, as this does make it easier for him to be honest with you. Do not ever try and be something that you are not, understandable that we are all like diamonds and have many different facets to ourselves as long as they are real facets that we do relate to them then sure show them as they will be part of your appeal.

Be confident in who you are

Trust and believe that you are beautiful inside and out, and that you are loveable, that you are easy going, enjoy laughing, have a happy disposition, and are positive in your thoughts, rather you prefer to see the sunny side of life, and that a glass is half full, you are also optimistic, but you are also real and sometimes can feel a bit sad etc. This is okay as you are a real person. Men do love women that are confident, that do respect themselves, and are neat, clean and tidy in their appearance, of course there can be days when you are just not up to doing the whole appearance routine that is all fine to but do maintain always the best you can. After all you do not want a man that is not maintaining themselves do you.

Show interest in what he has to say, and if his jokes are funny laugh

A man just loves a woman that is listening to what he has to say, this is a great sign to him that you genuinely are interested in him and he appreciates this more than you think, if you find his jokes funny then he will really enjoy that aspect of you as he sees that you also understand his sense of humor. He has a favourite sport that enjoys watching so from time to time even though you do not like it do sit down and watch it with him as he is enjoying your company more than the game.

Appreciate your man

Do show appreciation for things that he does do for you, as he sees that you truly do appreciate and value him, also do show respect to a man, the more you are able to do this the more he will love you for it. This is where he will shower you in return  with respect and love as he knows that you are really there for him.

Be true and love him for him not his assets

Now this is where you will get the man if you genuinely love him for who he is rather than the size of his assets. Men appreciate and respect a woman that does not chase him for his wealth rather she is content and his bank account is not her priority or concern. Of course this is rare as many women are keen to know a mans assets before she gets to know him. So be a woman that gets to know the man rather than the assets.

Stay true to you

Always choose to be yourself, set your boundaries, have self respect, and always speak your truth, stand your ground, be honest, be compassionate, and when you love let yourself love with all your heart, enjoy the experience of loving another person without any restrictions, in this way you will give the best of yourself which a man will appreciate and will fall in love with you, he sees that you are showing him the true light of who you are, this appeals so much to him that this is the key factor in getting him to love you for you.

In conclusion

Every relationship will have its ups and downs regardless of how much love is there between a couple, each hiccup or situation that does occur, will happen for a reason, as long as you see the big picture behind it then your relationship will grow healthy and strong. The more you choose to be real and honest in a relationship with a man the more it allows the door to open for him to show you himself in his true light and how much he really does love you.