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What Men Want From Women – In A Nutshell

The confident woman men want

The confident woman men want

What we are about to reveal to you are the universal truths about what men do look for from a woman who is their partner but can be stubborn to ask for it. Too true men do get emotional also please understand that at times they are afraid to show their emotions and feelings too. So if you want a man to love you then it is so simple become that woman, i.e. be real and true to who you are, the more you show your real self the more he will appreciate you and love you for you!



And plenty of it, any time and any place, but it is not just sex men also want the hugs, the affection, the kisses, the smiles, and holding his hand, and giving him a spontaneous hug.


That is right men do not like it when you fake it with them, rather they want your honest response so they know whether they are doing it for you or not. PS men can tell when you fake it so be honest.


Too true men do want to receive compliments just as much as women do, so if your man looks great tell him that he does.


Yes men love it when you can make them laugh, and that you do have a great sense of humor, and if you are a woman with a good one then you definitely will become extremely appealing.


Men just want to be accepted as they are, they do not want a woman to change them or go about renovating them. That is right they know they have faults and flaws like everybody else they just want you to look past them, and know that they are great men underneath it all. So do please respect and accept us as we as we are also striving to change our faults in our own way sweet ladies.


Every relationship has to start its foundation on honesty, and we expect it to start when we first meet you, so if you are truly interested please do not play hard to get if you do we might miss the sign that you are interested and if you are then go ahead gives the obvious sign and yes we will chase you.


Yes men like to have space so do not go and try and crowd our space when we want time out with our friends, sometimes we like to be alone also. If you need a man to be with you all the time then you do need to get a life of your own.


We appreciate it when you do express yourself, but we may not always agree with you, but we are glad that you do speak up as we are not mind readers, yes strong women are sexy to us and we love a confident woman.


If you really do love your man, then do believe in his dreams as much as he does believe in yours.


If there is no trust then the relationship will end, so if he tells you something then do take his word for it, and do not do constant check ups on him or try and trick him, trust is respect, and both parties in the relationship do deserve to be respected.

Are You Ready For Coupledom

Home sweet home = to coupledom

Home sweet home = to coupledom

For many people that are in relationships it can be a difficult decision to make whether to enter the world of coupledom, as when you choose to live together this does change the dynamics of a relationship, as there are so many things that need to be considered such as finances, household chores, etc. This is where you get to see your partner in a new light. When you choose to live with someone this is were it is a big decision and of course it is a lifestyle change.

Should you choose to move in with your man

Of course you have both agreed to be together now it has turned into something bigger such as both have come to the conclusion that you want to live together this is all well and good, but you do need to have a good think about it all and you will both need to sit down and basically lay the law down of how you want things to be while you live together. Many people just move in with their partner happily without any discussion of how they actually want things to be between them, then things start to happen and this is where the unspoken words that should have been spoken are causing problems in the relationship.

You may find that you are doing everything and you will start to resent this, or you are paying all the bills, or you are doing all the cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing without any assistance from your partner, they do not see anything wrong with anything they are thinking that all is well in coupledom world. That is why it is very important to discuss exactly what you want and expect from each other prior to making the big step in living with each other, as this will resolve any big issues that you may have before moving in with each other.

Sharing is caring

If you are both working and are planning a future together such as marriage and kids, then it is good that you work out a plan where you can both save money together for the future, also what is also good to do in any coupledom relationship, is help ease the work load for each other, do not let your partner struggle and do everything, it is better to assist each other and get everything done faster, and this will give you both time to do other things that you do enjoy. A considerate partner is a caring partner. So if your partner cleans up while you were busy at work, then do not come home and trash their hard efforts. So do share the workload between you both, and always choose to pitch in and help each other out. This makes the relationship a happier one as you are both supporting each other in every aspect.

Taking time out

Now that you choose to live with each other you will be with each other virtually 24/7 this is where you can both take time out with each other, by keeping aspects of your life before you got together still active, such as if you went to yoga classes do keep them up, and if your partner still likes to socialise with his mates watching the footy then allow that also. It is important that you also get together with your partner where you both choose to share time out with each other where it is quality time, such as going for a walk together, going on an outing or just sharing quality time with each other, where there are no interruptions from the outside world. This is important for every healthy relationship.

In conclusion

When you do decide to enter the world of coupledom, do realize that it will change your life in more ways than you can imagine, as day in day out you will be seeing your partner, so you do need to prepare yourself as this is where you will really get to know your partner. Remember that it is far better to keep the peace between you by simply respecting and caring for each other, and do communicate anything that does concern you prior to entering coupledom. So just remember life is for living and go ahead and enjoy coupledom as it can be very rewarding living with a partner that does love and care for you deeply.

Don’t Push Men Away By Mistake

Do you push your man away without realizing it

Do you push your man away without realizing it

When women go out dating with men, they can actually do more harm than good, without realizing it, and then they wonder what actually went wrong or why did he break up with you. Well what every woman should know is that the way to keep on dating a guy is to find out how males minds actually work. Well you do want a man that is a little rough around the edges but is also honest and straight forward and he will treat a woman with respect and once they make that decision to become committed to you this is where he will treat you like his queen. So basically a woman has to be honest in who she is to earn a man’s trust, so once you are able to get that then they want you to be their woman and they will want everyone to know that. Here we have great insights for you to stop pushing a man away from you.

Wanting to change a man

This is where women get into a relationship and they start to think that they can change the man, why bother why not get a man that you do not need to change, obviously he is not the one for you. When we think that we have to change someone then we are the ones with a problem, rather it is better to accept a man for who he is rather than try and create him into something that you want him to be, after all he is willing to accept you the way you are.

Believe in him

If your man wants to go out and play poker then that is all it is, he does not want you to start questioning him, he has been out with friends, had a great time, and now he is more than happy to see your face and spend some time romancing you. So if he says he is going to be somewhere then do believe him as he is an honest man that believes you are an honest woman so why should you be questioning him.

Sex on the first date

It is true if you put out on the first date well of course a man will take you up on this offer, but a woman that is able to give a goodnight kiss and leave the man guessing well she will appeal to the man so much more. Too true men enjoy the thrill of the chase.

The chatter box

When a woman talks incessantly about anything and everything without bothering to listen to her partner this is where she will loose him, as he sees that she has no interest in what he actually has to say. So men are interested in having conversation and communication where it is a two way thing happening, rather than someone constantly wanting to fill air space between them.


Men appreciate and respect a woman that is loyal to them, so if a woman is being disloyal to other women this tells the man that they will also be disloyal to them too. So if you are a woman who has a tendency to be disloyal in a relationship, this is where he will see through you and he will not hang around for long.

Fails to let a man be a man

Men enjoy being protectors and they want a woman to know that they are there to take care and protect her, with a simple look or words. So let us be a man, and do appreciate us when we do things for you great or small. We do want you to be feminine that is why we offer our assistance to you so take it in appreciation.

In conclusion

Always remember why your man fell for you, and do remember to do all the little things that you did in the beginning of a relationship that made it all fun, so think back and remember all the little things that you did for him that he appreciated and loved.








Crazy About You

How To Tell If Your Guy Is Crazy About You

Crazy About YouWant To Know If He is Mad About You Or Just So-So?

If you want to know if your man is head over heels or just so –so, here are some indicators that may help you along. These are some of the top ways that a man will show that he cares about you.

  1. He Opens Up To You

Unlike women, emotional intimacy tends to be hard for men. They are trained to be tough, to be strong and told from a young age men don’t cry. While these may be traits we admire – perhaps not for the right reasons – when he opens up to you it’s a big deal.

  1. He Does The Hard Or Dirty Work

If he is taking out the garbage or scrubbing the floor, mowing the lawn or washing your car – these are all indicators that he is into you. Men find it easier to show that they care rather than tell you in words. If he is helping you out around the house, he likes you. Men like to take care of us, so the harder, dirtier work is how they demonstrate this.

  1. He Asks For Your Help Or Opinion

If he asks you to come help him choose a birthday present for his mom, it’s a pretty sure sign he’s smitten. When a man asks your advice or your opinion, he values what you say and respects you.

  1. Public Displays Of Affection

We’ve all had a guy grope us in the cereal aisle while we’re thinking, seriously enough already! But take it as a compliment – the man can’t keep his hands off you. Men are simple creatures, they want to show you off and they’re proud of you. Sometimes the only thing that occurs to them to demonstrate their joy in declaring their love is to give you a little squeeze.

  1. He Chooses The Perfect Gift

If he chooses a dud gift, don’t take it to heart. If you guy is trying to buy you the right thing, this is worth its weight in gold and it means that he cares about you. And if he hits it out of the park with the presents he chooses than lucky you! When a man is listening to what you say it will be reflected in his choice of what he gives you. If you mention that you love pearls and he buys you pearl earrings, it doesn’t matter if they are the wrong hue, he is a guy. Its important that he tried to find you the perfect present.

  1. He Introduces You To His Family

Pretty obvious. You’re not going to get to meet his mom if he isn’t interested in you. Most men will keep their family life separate from you if they aren’t interested in you in a serious way. As soon as a guy introduces a girl to his mom she is going to start dreaming about the pitter patter of little feet – so it’s a big deal if he takes you to meet his mom. He might not be ready just yet, but he definitely knows what he’s getting himself in for.

What Signs Do You Think Give Him Away That He Is Crazy About You?


Why Do We Fall In Love?

why we fall in loveWhat to Know WHY you fall in love?

There is a great deal of research as to why we fall in love. There are a few different theories, so here is one on the basic human emotion that drives us all crazy at times – love.

Understanding why love happens is not easy. For a long time it was accepted that love was something that science could not explain. One of the most basic human emotions, love is no longer such a mystery.

Loving Vs. Liking

That romantic love has three elements – attachment, caring and intimacy. This involves our need to receive care, approval and physical contact with another person; valuing the other person’s needs and happiness as much as you desire your own. The final element is sharing of thoughts and desires with the other person.

Compassionate Vs. Passionate

That there are two types of love, compassionate and passionate. Compassionate love involves mutual respect, attachment and trust. This is the type of love that develops out of shared respect for one another.

Passionate love is intense – you feel elevated and fulfilled when this type of love is reciprocated. Intense emotion, sexual attraction, anxiety and affection are all common emotions associated with passionate love. Passionate love cannot last, psychologists estimate that it lasts between 6 months to 2 years.

If passionate love is unreciprocated it can lead to feelings of despair – this is when you have unrequited love.

Why do we fall in passionate love? When there is cultural expectation that encourages you to fall in love, when you meet a person who meets your preconceived ideas of a perfect match or when you are simply extremely attracted to someone sexually.

Passionate love can be a roller coaster of emotions and can at times be very uncomfortable.