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How Gain Confidence Quickly

You can gain confidence easily.

You can gain confidence easily.

Too true we can all experience from time to time that unhappy feeling, where we feel that we cannot achieve much. This is due to experiencing lack of confidence where you will find that negative thoughts will replace any positive thoughts. Such as I will be able to do this, where it will change to I think I cannot do this. Well self sabotage and lack of confidence will not help you to achieve what you really seek out of life. Therefore it is vital that you build your self confidence and start to believe that you have the confidence to excel in any aspect of your life. So read on how gain confidence quickly and easily.

Contemplative thoughts

It is good to at least once a day to meditate on your thoughts, then let them go and enjoy the stillness of your mind. The more you can still your mind the more peaceful and relaxed you will become and will be able to develop skills where you can control those negative thoughts that at times can overwhelm you. When you do sit with your thoughts you can actually gain clarity, this is where you will have insights to what your issues are and how to resolve them best, do realize that being able to do this is a way in which your self esteem and confidence will grow.

Finding oneself

When you understand and know who you really are this will also give you  more confidence, this is where you can start to question yourself with questions such as are you happy with your current job, relationship, career etc. what motivates you and inspires you, what are your passions in life? Once you can gain awareness to your questions this is where you can really excel with confidence as you start to follow the paths of your passions.

No need to compare yourself with others

When you are able to focus on your passion or passions in life they will inspire and uplift you, you will have a focus a goal to achieve you will feel joy and happiness. How you achieve and when it is all in your hands, so there is no need to compare your successes with others rather take note of how the others succeeded and if it sounds good to you then you can apply those methods to your aspiring success in life. So do set goals and go out in life and achieve them.

Play a confident role

Start to believe that you are really confident, let it show in your walk, your posture and facial expressions, learn to have appropriate eye contact as this all does improve your confidence levels. You could also imagine that you are confident and feel the confidence within you. Or you can pop an imaginery confidence pill each day to help your confidence grow. So whatever tool you can find or use to help confidence become a part of you use it on a daily basis.

Standing tall

It is all in your posture, so make sure that you stand straight, your shoulders are back and your head is up. Also when you sit then sit with authority, others will think you have it and then you will start to think you also have it. Simply improving your posture will enhance your confidence.

Eliminate negative self talk

Whenever you start to talk negatively about yourself to yourself this is where you can turn them into a positive, such as I am not good enough to I am good enough, I am successful, I am loved. So once you start to believe in yourself this is where others will too. So start thinking positive and put out those positive vibes. The power lies in your hands!

Self hypnosis

Could sound a bit weird but you can do self hypnosis for yourself which is an effective tool to help you become more confident in all aspects of your life. All you have to do is write your own self hypnosis script, and then record it and play it each night before you go to bed, the power of your own voice will help your subconscious accept it much faster than hearing another persons voice. So start your hypnosis script today.

Letting go

It is a wise woman that can let go and trust in the process of life. Life is what is happening while you are making other plans. Of course things will never unfold exactly as you intend, so it is important that you are flexible and are willing to adapt to changes and circumstances as they come about. It is the journey of life, which is full of twists and turns. Learn to go with the flow and be comfortable with changes that come your way as this will add to your confidence simply knowing everything is as it should be.

Loving yourself

So easily said but for some hard to do. It is best that you do start to love yourself in a healthy way, this is where you can embrace all aspects of yourself the good the bad and the ugly. And that is fine as there are no perfect people in this world. So embrace all of you, and have the compassion for yourself to heal yourself. Do know that you are worthy, special and definitely one of a kind.


Ways To Build Confidence Gain The Benefits

Confidence level

Confidence level

Do you constantly feel that you have to prove yourself to others to feel worthy? Well it is time to let it all go and change what you feel and think. When you have that constant feeling of being not good enough for various reasons it will stick to you and you will try and rid yourself of the feeling by trying to prove your worth. So this is why it is important that you realize that you are more than enough and that you are worthy of having and receiving all good. So let yourself build up your confidence gain the benefits.

Where good enough does not exist

When you think time and again that you have to prove yourself and validate your self worth it can all be exhausting. Rather it can seem like that you are searching for the gold at the end of the rainbow so when you think you get close enough it all moves again. So you start out again, this time more determined than ever to get your hands on it even if it is the last thing that you do.

Do understand that good enough does not come from friends, family or colleagues, it could feel like it does as you enjoy recognition for your efforts and abilities. Rather it is something that you have to find within yourself.

Where good enough does exist

If you do want to feel like a person that has value and is worthy then search for it from within yourself. You have to realize that you are a good person, even though you are not perfect but you do strive to do your best and that is all everyone expects of you. If you give your power to someone else who will determine your value and self worth then you will be disappointed every time. Even when they do compliment you and do thank you and tell you that you are great you will not believe them. So this is where you will continue to do more and more where it gets to be all about them and nothing about you, making you feel that you are not good enough. So how can you help yourself to break away from that, so how do you go and prove yourself to everyone that is around you to knowing that you have values regardless of what anyone around you says or shows? Too true it is not that easy but it can be achieved.

Tips on how to feel good enough because you are

This is where you will need to focus on yourself, and to help you to resolve these feelings once and for all. Set time aside where you can focus solely on yourself. Of course it is a feel good felling to make others happy, you also have to make your happiness the most important thing for you. You are not being selfish, rather it is making you mentally and emotionally stronger and you will benefit as will those people around you. It is okay to give yourself permission to be number one.

Appreciate and recognize your positive qualities. So if you want to stop looking at others to point out your positive attributes and any great qualities that you have then be willing to recognize them for yourself. So make your list of all the things that you like and love about yourself and are true. Also write down your stengths as this will give you an insight to all the wonderful traits that you do possess. It also gives you a list that you can access when ever you start to feel down in yourself, to remind yourself that you are truly a great person.

Assessing your beliefs

No doubt you more than realize and know already that you are a good person but you still find it hard to shake of that feeling that you are not good enough. Well now is the time for you to assess that thought or belief, do ask yourself what or who makes you feel that way, does it really have any merit, or rather it is a thought that has stuck to you regardless whether or not it has any validity.

Time to prove the belief wrong.

Of course it can be difficult to believe that you are worthy of living a good life, without needing pats on your back, and it could be a hard pill to swallow without any proof of such. This is where you can prove yourself wrong, look into your past and present and see where you have done amazing things. It could be when you gave birth to a child or you achieved a goal that took time courage and determination. So do keep any important events in your mind so that when you do hear yourself say that you are not capable, you can give yourself a big reminder how very wrong you are.

Keeping the power in your hands

The only person that can really determine your self worth is yourself. Of course others could have their opinions of you, but that is all that they are opinions. Just because that they believe something about you does not necessarily make it true, unless you do let it be. And seriously it does not matter what they believe. When you start to feel yourself  being easily influenced by someone else’s thoughts of you, this is where you will have to push them aside and decide for yourself that your thoughts contain that much more power than theirs ever will.

So in time when you do eventually realize that you have always been good enough, this is where it will feel like heavy weights have been removed from your shoulders. This is where you will feel free to go about the world and do whatever it is that you do want to do, rather than what you think others want you to do, and this is a great feeling.

So, go out there and enjoy yourself. You deserve it because you truly are “good enough.”

Love Me Makeover Tips and Advice

Love your makeover

Love your makeover

There can come a time when you look in the mirror and not really like what you see anymore, you look around you and think you want change a big change, well go ahead and do it as it would be the love me makeover. When we love ourselves enough to realize that there are things about ourselves that no longer serve us well this is where we decide that a makeover is due, whether it be physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally, too true as time passes we out grow certain things, habits, ways, etc. This is when you will seek change and a makeover in your life. When you do decide to makeover aspects of you and your life this is where you will benefit in more ways than you can imagine.

Love me makeover tip 1. Physical aspects of you

If you have decided that you are no longer happy with the way you look and seek to improve yourself that is fantastic, as you are acknowledging that you want to change things in you to serve you better. So if you need to put on weight then go ahead and do so, choose to eat more healthy foods etc. same goes if you want to loose some weight, also do stick to a new exercise routine one that you will enjoy, walking is a great way to go and you only need to do 45 minutes of walking 3 times a week, if it is dancing then do that, if it is swimming well why not do that, whatever it is attempt to establish a routine where it will suit and benefit you.

Do you feel that you might as well update your clothing, style and color? Well why not, as we get older we find that certain styles of clothing and color will no longer suit us and this is where it is good to change your clothes and freshen up your wardrobe, be ruthless and do donate your clothes to a worthy cause, same with your shoes, update your footwear, makeup, perfume, etc. So start looking after you in a big way and enjoy the change.

Love me makeover tip 2. Emotional aspects of you

Find that you are stuck in an emotional rut in some aspect of yourself, then it is time to heal that aspect of yourself and let go of the emotional pain behind it. We can all have emotions that we hold onto that no longer serve us. If you are in pain to do with a past love then bless them, forgive them, and set yourself and them free. If you are experiencing depression, well look deeper into it all and do your best to resolve it, as life is too short to live in the black hole. So whatever emotion that you wish to heal whether it be guilt, shame, sorrow, grief, sadness, depression, lovesickness then do yourself a favour have enough compassion in yourself so you can heal it and let go i.e. deal with it, embrace it, understand the lesson behind it, bless it, and let go. After all nobody is perfect.

Love me makeover tip 3. Mental aspects of you

Hmmm there can be times when we can get stuck in a negative thought mode in various aspects of our life, where we will constantly mull over something that bothers us and we can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is where you will have to change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Of course when you start to  think positively, then you will start to see things in a more positive light. So change your thoughts and think positive on a daily basis. Stop and smell the roses! You only get one life so make the most of it.

Love me makeover tip 4. The spiritual aspects of you.

It is good to look at the spiritual aspects of yourself this is where you can start to embrace spiritual ways that will enhance and benefit your spirituality. Why not start yoga, or do meditations that will help you with your stress and melt your worries away. Not only that, the benefits of meditation are amazing, not only will you start to look younger but you will also be more at peace. You will also be blessed with spiritual insights that will help you through any aspects of your life that you are finding problems with.

A great way to help you solve problems is to meditate on them. You can visualize that you have a special room or place where you go to where you can relax and solve your problems, well why not add a round table to this space where you will invite beings from the light to help you resolve these problems you have. This is where you will all sit around this table and you will get the messages that they will give you, whether it be while you sit at the table, or through signs or through dreams. The more you choose to lead a spiritual life the more blessings you will see and appreciate.

In conclusion

We all should love ourselves for who we are and what we become, the more we can embrace the facets of ourselves that no longer serve us and add or change things that will improve and enhance our lives the better of you will be. This is where you will experience true living, true connections with the people that you love. The more you can embrace your spiritual self and let it grow the more you will get out of life. Om Shanti

Is He Over His Ex Like He Says He Is

Does your man still love his ex???

Does your man still love his ex???

You have been going out with your partner for a while now and you realize that they are not over their ex many couples do face this on a daily basis, this is where feelings of jealousy, anger, hopelessness, and the feeling that you cannot do anything to help your partner forget about the past as this is all too common when you do think about your partners ex. We all have experienced in one relationship or another where you would think about your ex and how great they were while you are in a relationship with someone else or while out in the dating world. For many couples it is unfortunate when your partner still has feelings for his ex, it does take time for these feelings to go away for an ex. Here we have warning signs that he is still thinking about his ex while he is with you.

1. Will talk about his ex in regular conversation

It is very normal to talk about your past with any new relationship that you do enter into but it is not normal to keep bringing up your ex, as this is a warning sign if he does bring her up, whether or not it is in a positive or negative context. So if he really is over his ex he will not discuss her at all unless you do specifically ask him about it.

2. Chooses to stay friends with her

I am a great believer in clean breaks from relationships as it does help to sever any emotional bonds and feelings of jealousy, So if he is still friends with her and either does talk to her online, or on the phone, or does go out with her, then it is very clear that he is more than likely not over her. These days it is common for men to have friends that are females, but he should respect the relationship that he does have with you and keep his distance from any of his past flings.

3. Keeps pictures of her

When your man keeps pictures of his ex then this is a clear warning sign that he does still think about her on a daily basis, or at least whenever he does see her picture, and if he is over his ex then he will get comfortable about getting rid of the pictures in order to preserve your relationship with you.

4. Feelings of being distant during sex

Another way of knowing that he does think about his ex is that he seems not to be there during a session with you, as he could be thinking of his ex, which does make the sex life with you unhealthy for you.

5. Comparisons

When your partner is not over his ex while he is in a relationship with you, then you will find that he will compare you to his past girlfriends. This is where you will also be able to tell if your boyfriend is not over his ex as he will tell you that you were either better or worse than his ex in any given aspect when he brings it up to you.

6. He wants you two to be friends

This of course is a really big warning sign that he is just not over his ex if he wants you and his ex to be friends, as he knows that the two of you will get along well with each other. So if you would get along well with his ex then all this means is that you are a lot like her, which does imply that you may have been a replacement for him.

7. Listens to the song that he and his ex made their own

When we are in relationship we tend to have songs that do remind us of the person that we are dating. So if you do know what song that he did share with his ex and he does listen to it on a daily basis, then you can definitely be sure that he is thinking about her.

8. Keeps mementos of her lying around

Throughout the course of a relationship it is common to share personal music, letters and any other personal objects with your lover. It is though a clear warning sign when he does keep any stuff she has given to him as a memento of their relationship that they had together.

9. Calls you by her first name a lot

It is also common for people to mix names up from time to time, then if it is done constantly where they mix up your name with hers then take it as a warning sign that your partner is still thinking about their ex big time.

10. Talks to you about the past relationship

When people talk about their past relationships then this is all fine as long as it is not constant as it becomes inappropriate. So if you find that your partner does talk a lot about his past love relationship on numerous occasions then you should start to question yourself whether or not he is really over his ex.

In conclusion

So here we have all  the signs that you do need to look out for that will tell you if your partner is still in love with their ex. If he is still in love with his ex then it is better that you do walk away for good as he ain't loving you like you deserve to be loved. So set yourself free and find true love for yourself as you deserve to be truly loved by someone that will only love you.