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Color Meaning For Clothing

Do you ever notice t

Fashion and color

Fashion and color

he color of the clothes that you choose to wear? So if you do not pay attention it is time that you do so. Colors have an impact on human perception. By understanding what colors mean it will assist you in making better choices in what you choose to wear. I am offering you some tips on how to choose the color of your clothing in accordance to the particular situation. 


The color black represents classiness, sophistication and of course power. The label black tie on an invitation accentuates the importance of a happening suggesting formality. Black is considered as a timeless color always in vogue and loved by fashion designers. It is a color that is worn regularly by many people as it is also gives a slimmer appearance. As is observed in the western ways, black is worn as a form of mourning when a loved one has passed on.

Neutral white

White signifies purity and innocence and that is why brides wear white. Contrary, white symbolizes death in Indian, Chinese and Japanese cultures because of its association with angels and heaven.White has earned its place in fashion because it is light, neutral, and can be easily matched with every other color. As white reflects the light, it is considered a summer color. Nevertheless, white shows dirt and is quite difficult to keep clean than other colors.


 The most emotionally intense color, red symbolizes love and passion. It is a color that gets noticed and makes the person who is wearing it stand out. Since it is an intense color, wearing red clothing should be avoided during negotiations or confrontations. When a home is decorated in red it is used as a color to accentuate its surroundings.  So wanting to get attention from people then red is the go.


 The color green is seen as growth and life. It is the most relaxing and tranquilizing color. Alot of hospital staff will wear green uniforms as this has an effect on patients and assists them to relax. People who wear green clothing are thought to be very kind and generous. Green is very popular amongst branding colors in financial institutions, law firms and environmental companies as it associated with abundance, vitality, harmony and efficiency.


Yellow is considered to be a happy color. It is associated with optimism, warmth and joy. Behind the smiley face icon being yellow there is that reason for it. People who wear yellow clothing are considered to be very communicative, intelligent and cheerful. It also has been noted that too much yellow can contribute to feelings of anxiety so dont over do it.


What  has been found is that if a person who tries to get angry or aggressive with someone who is wearing pink they wont be able to. What pink actually does is calm and soothe the human mind. Pink has also been seen as the most feminine of colors. People wearing pink clothing are usually very romantic.


 Blue is seen as trustworthy and committed. This color symbolizes serenity. Light to medium-range blue has a pleasing and relaxing effect on human mind. It has been stated by fashion experts to wear a blue shirt to job interviews as that will symbolize loyalty. You will find that police and military officials also wear blue uniforms.


The color purple is associated with luxury and sensuality. Purple clothing implies that the person is romantic. Purple also has associations with savoir-vivre. It has also been noted that purple clothing worn by people would be considered to be eccentric or creative.

In conclusion

 Hopefully this has made you aware that colors do say alot about you. Next time you buy your clothing, bear that in mind. Also pick colors that will bring out the best in you with any intimate apparel. So wear the colors that do suit you as they will bring out the best in you. Also do your best to buy quality clothing that you can mix and match or that you can dress up or dress down. This will help you save money in the long run and you will not have a wardrobe that is overflowing with clothes colors and styles that do nothing for you. Never buy your clothes on a whim rather do have in mind what you really want and what you really like.





Exercise Facial Muscles For A More Youthful Face

There would be a stage of your life where you would become more knowledgable about natural anti aging tips and secrets. There are some that will not work, even if you carry them out in the correct way.  Within this article we are going to expose some great natural anti aging tips and secrets, so if you do follow them in the correct way it will assist in keeping you looking younger longer. When we choose to exercise facial muscles they will strengthen and will give you a much more youthful look to your face.

Eating Healthy

What you eat is what you are, that's a common old saying and a true one. Whatever foods that you do eat will show up in the well being of your skin, so if your skin is not receiving the correct amount of nutrients it will make your skin sag and you will start to look much older. It is important that you do consume plenty of the citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes etc. make sure you do drink plenty of water, spinach is full of anti oxidants, which will assist collagen and elastin which are required to keep skin tighter and younger.


Exercise is not only good for your body, but your face as well. There are targeted facial exercises that you can do that will assist in keeping your skin looking healthy and young. There is a range of facial exercises i.e. the crow feet exercises, double chin and cheek exercises which will all help in tightening the facial muscles and this will definately  make you look younger.


Cleansing is vital to your daily beauty regime. Washing your face everyday especially before going to bed will ensure that you get rid of bacteria causing dirt. It is vital that you do not scrub your face but gently wash it. By doing it gently you will not remove any oils and nutrients that your skin needs. You don't have to use cosmetics in doing this, but rather you can use a soft and moist cloth.

Sleep and rest

The best position although a hard one is to sleep on your back. Many people tend to sleep sideways and when we wake up we tend to find pillow marks on our faces. Therefore it is very important the way you sleep as these pillow marks will increase the rate at which you can age. It is important also to get enough sleep and rest as it is a natural way to stop the aging process. Sleeping well will give your skin time to repair and replenish and with that giving you a younger look.

Drinking Herbal Teas.

Herbal tea produces anti-oxidants that are necessary for your skin's well- being as well as the production of collagen and elastin. Chinese tea is a natural anti aging product that is healthy for you. As this tea contains many necessary nutrients that assist you in having healthy skin. These simple tips are easy to  follow and will certainly boost your facial muscles and in the same breath keep you looking more youthful and radiant. Do give them a go and see the results for yourself.

Guidance For Beauty – What Is True Beauty?

Beauty guidance for the real woman

Beauty guidance for the real woman

What is true beauty? It is not easy to define, but we all understand what it is. In a lot of societies, beauty that is physical has its "acceptable norms" where as these norms would differ with other cultures. It can be hard to define when asked the question what does beautiful mean to you. For example when a beautiful woman is pointed out in a group, women and men can do this easily and sponteniously. There is a saying associated with great beauty, when you see it you will know it. Here we have guidance for beauty from the inside.
 But you do need to know that there are people that would not admire beauty in the same way. Beauty is a subjective experience. What it associates with is a persons feeling of attraction and emotions of well being. There is a saying often heard that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It has been a fact that society has an expectation of women's beauty, which becomes an expectation, and women have a tendency to compare themselves to this.
 So how is beauty truly defined? What is a presumption from me, that if there was a discussion about women, it would relate to her physical qualities. It is the capability of a woman to be able to give gratification and enjoyment to a person's senses. The person that is the admire will experience a feeling of goodness or pleasure from the shape of the woman's body, the clothes she is wearing and how pretty her facial features are to name some.
 However, beauty can also be about the woman's personality. It is her having compassion and assisting others, a person that you can cry on their shoulder, has respect for others and self respect, shows kindness to people and animals, showing love to others and being able to love herself. This is described as inner beauty which comes about from having the right dose of self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem.
 While this is not usually the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about beauty, inner beauty plays just as an important role in how beautiful a person appears to be. Maybe more so than outer beauty does.

Inner beauty is not something that unattractive people say to our self to feel better. Inner beauty can be just as, if not more captivating as the external appearance can be.
Inner beauty is linked with a person's character not so their physical appearance. This is in all essence the true beauty of a person which goes far beyond the physical appearances.
 When a woman has her inner belief that they are attractive this will definately be more appealing to other people. The glow of confidence and physical attractiveness comes from within her. There are people that are not what you would call physically attractive but it is their glowing confidence and healthy self esteem that does make them appear very attractive to the opposite sex.
 First impressions do not always depend on our physique or our facial features. You do have to believe that it is from within ourselves. This is where true beauty resides. When a conversation occurs between people automatically we assess each other as a pleasant or not so pleasant person. While the conversation progresses between people each will pick up on the qualities and traits that will emanate and this is where people will see a persona as more beautiful or charming.
 When we love, appreciate and feel good about our self, we would feel more confident about facing and interacting with others. The outer beauty does attract many glances but it is the inner beauty that will always make someone stay. This is the secret to a healthy self-esteem.
 Naturally, we will notice a person's physical appearance first. When a woman has eyes that sparkle and flicker, and a smile that gladdens the heart, a glow that will radiate from her as she walks into a room, it is obvious to all that she has harnessed her inner beauty.
 The best part of inner beauty is the fact that unlike our outward appearance, inner beauty does not wrinkle, gray or diminish with age. The more we cultivate it the more it will radiate.
 It is only as this happens that you will see your self as a beautiful woman.