Discover The Attraction Trigger For Men

Attraction leads to romance and love

Attraction leads to romance and love

Single footloose and fancy free, you are enjoying being single but it would be nice to meet someone and enjoy life with. You are tired of attracting Mr Wrong and you want to attract Mr Right. Well you need to look out for the attraction trigger that will give you indications that you have met the right one for you. Well beautiful ladies it is true the greatest attraction trigger for men is the visual sexual attraction for you. Yes it is true, he has to find you sexually attractive before he will head your way, and that also goes for Mr Right too.

What attracts Mr Right?????

Well it is all about you! I know you have to think like a man sometimes and yet on the other hand you have to think like a woman, such as what is it that you want from Mr Right? Let’s see he has to have personality plus, great smile, light hearted and attractive to you, is well groomed, wears a great aftershave, wears clothes that suit and nothing is overly exposed, he has a great sense of humor and enjoys having a laugh with you, and sees you as his best friend, and knows how to treat a lady, he of course is honest and genuine and will love you for you! Now what do you think Mr Right is looking for in Miss Right? Well the same of course, so do you fit the bill for Miss Right? If not then change some aspects of yourself after all you will only benefit in the long term.

First attraction is the sexual attraction

Too true, first comes that sexual attraction, it has to happen for you both to become attracted and then interested in each other. And what every lady should know that it is so pointless to chase a man that is not sexually attracted to you. I tell you now FORGET IT! Men love to chase and if he is not attracted to you then there is no way he will go after you, not unless you offer yourself on a platter and he thinks well why not sample the goods and  which he will and guess what after sampling the goods he will walk away for good. So be a smart lady and do not bother with a man that shows to you that he is not attracted to you.

Signs that say "hey I like what I see and I want to get to know her".

After the initial buzz of being attracted to you, this is where a man will start to give you indicators that he is interested in you and wants to get to know you the signs are as follows.

  • He will smile at you
  • His eyes will sparkle when he looks at you (that’s the sexual attraction)
  • He will keep looking at you
  • If he is interested in getting to know you he will keep his line of vision at your face and no where else!
  • He will step away from his friends so you can see him that much better and he is showing to you that he is interested in you.

Your response to his attraction trigger

  • If you definitely like what you see you will smile back at him and you will show your teeth, your smile will be genuine
  • You will preen yourself, start to toss your hair and send flirty looks to tell him that you like what you see
  • You will also put yourself in feminine and alluring poses so he can see that you are all woman.

What happens next…..

Well this is where there have been these great attraction triggers happening between you both and he will come over to you and start chatting away, now this is where it all starts, sometimes we can be attracted to the physical aspects of a person but as soon as they open their mouth the attraction fades away rapidly, or sometimes the attraction will grow as we like the sound of their voice, and what comes out of their mouth, it goes both ways.

Mr Right of course will be respectful but will flirt with you with his eyes and his smile. He will seduce you with his physique as he from time to time will make you aware of the size of his chest and arms, that he is strong and very much a virile male yet he will respect the boundaries between you, as he wants to get to know you, so the more feminine, classy, sassy but sexy ways about you, will lure him in, and of course that you are showing an interest in what he has to say. You will know also if he pays heed to what you say and makes a conversation out of it then you know he is genuinely liking you for you.

From this interaction of attraction for each other is where the opportunity will arise for a date to happen. And it will as you both start to go out and get to know each other the attraction will turn into love. There are many genuine men that want to love and be loved in return. That want a woman in their life more so than their mates sure they enjoy spending time with their mates but they really do want to be with a woman that they can love and spend the rest of their life with.

It is about you…

If you really want to enjoy a relationship where it will lead to love, romance, passion and commitment, then be true to yourself, what you expect from your partner then give it back in return, in the early days of the budding and blossoming of the relationship it is far better to establish a friendship and get to know each other as friends, in this way you will know whether he is the right one for you. So once you meet him do not let your life revolve around him, and wait for his calls, rather keep your life intact and find time to fit him in, after all a man adores a woman that has a life, is independent, makes a great friend, is approachable, and is able to be happy. Sure a man loves a woman that does respect herself, but as usual it is different in the bedroom this is where he wants you to be the wild one.

So be smart, do not chase the man let him chase you, after all they enjoy the hunt so let them hunt you down. PS another great advice to all you beautiful ladies, do realize that when you do fall in love, be patient do not let those words past your lips, rather wait and be patient for him to say it to you. If you tell him first his interest will wane away, so hear it from his lips first and then you can tell him that hey I feel the love for you too!

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