Are You Ready For Coupledom

Home sweet home = to coupledom

Home sweet home = to coupledom

For many people that are in relationships it can be a difficult decision to make whether to enter the world of coupledom, as when you choose to live together this does change the dynamics of a relationship, as there are so many things that need to be considered such as finances, household chores, etc. This is where you get to see your partner in a new light. When you choose to live with someone this is were it is a big decision and of course it is a lifestyle change.

Should you choose to move in with your man

Of course you have both agreed to be together now it has turned into something bigger such as both have come to the conclusion that you want to live together this is all well and good, but you do need to have a good think about it all and you will both need to sit down and basically lay the law down of how you want things to be while you live together. Many people just move in with their partner happily without any discussion of how they actually want things to be between them, then things start to happen and this is where the unspoken words that should have been spoken are causing problems in the relationship.

You may find that you are doing everything and you will start to resent this, or you are paying all the bills, or you are doing all the cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing without any assistance from your partner, they do not see anything wrong with anything they are thinking that all is well in coupledom world. That is why it is very important to discuss exactly what you want and expect from each other prior to making the big step in living with each other, as this will resolve any big issues that you may have before moving in with each other.

Sharing is caring

If you are both working and are planning a future together such as marriage and kids, then it is good that you work out a plan where you can both save money together for the future, also what is also good to do in any coupledom relationship, is help ease the work load for each other, do not let your partner struggle and do everything, it is better to assist each other and get everything done faster, and this will give you both time to do other things that you do enjoy. A considerate partner is a caring partner. So if your partner cleans up while you were busy at work, then do not come home and trash their hard efforts. So do share the workload between you both, and always choose to pitch in and help each other out. This makes the relationship a happier one as you are both supporting each other in every aspect.

Taking time out

Now that you choose to live with each other you will be with each other virtually 24/7 this is where you can both take time out with each other, by keeping aspects of your life before you got together still active, such as if you went to yoga classes do keep them up, and if your partner still likes to socialise with his mates watching the footy then allow that also. It is important that you also get together with your partner where you both choose to share time out with each other where it is quality time, such as going for a walk together, going on an outing or just sharing quality time with each other, where there are no interruptions from the outside world. This is important for every healthy relationship.

In conclusion

When you do decide to enter the world of coupledom, do realize that it will change your life in more ways than you can imagine, as day in day out you will be seeing your partner, so you do need to prepare yourself as this is where you will really get to know your partner. Remember that it is far better to keep the peace between you by simply respecting and caring for each other, and do communicate anything that does concern you prior to entering coupledom. So just remember life is for living and go ahead and enjoy coupledom as it can be very rewarding living with a partner that does love and care for you deeply.

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