Are You A Love Obsessive Person?

Do you find that when you love someone that it becomes love obsessive, and before you know it you find that the sparkle has gone for you, and you move onto find that love feeling again. You enjoy living in the bubble of love as this is where you feel safe and very much loved as soon as it bursts you think that the love has gone so you go in search for new love, forever searching for that permanent love feeling. Unfortunately this is a sickness, when we constantly seek that high that comes with falling in love. All that happens is you miss out on having the opportunity to experience what real love is.

How to stop the love obsessive feeling.

This is where you need to stop and think to yourself why do you seek so much this feeling for love, did you ever stop to think that it all starts with you and the only person that can truly love you is yourself. You will never find a love that will satisfy you as much as knowing the love that you can have for yourself time and again. So it is time to stop chasing love and embrace the love that is inside you for you. When you start to love yourself this is when you will stop looking and searching for love from others. As you will know that there is so much to love about you the beautiful person that is within in you, and that there are others that will love what is inside of you too. This is where real love is born.

Learn to love others completely

Once you can love yourself this is where you will not find fault and flaws with your partner once the love bubble bursts. As you are well aware that you are also not perfect and never will be, this is where your compassionate side can come through for yourself and for your partner. So what you do now see after the love bubble has burst the intense emotions of love are no longer beating away as rampantly as before rather it is still there blossoming away, wanting to grow into a deep and lasting love. This is where you will understand that the best way to maintain your love relationship is to enjoy having the benefit of a true friend, a loyal partner, and a faithful lover, one that will be there for you through the thick and thin, a respect grows stronger as you both choose to understand rather than to criticize, enjoying life in the moment. You choose to communicate rather than get angry and have arguments about issues.

Establishing a healthy love relationship

The more you are able to show appreciation, love, care and respect for your partner this is where they will give this to you also, of course no relationship is perfect and no relationship will ever be without its issues, rather it is about choices on how you choose to be in a relationship, what is it that you really want, of course many happy moments that become memorable, and of course a person that will care about your feelings and emotions, that will reach out to you when you are down, and they are there for you through the good the bad and the not so ugly and you are also there for them. It is about establishing healthy boundaries in the relationship and this is all done with effective and positive communication with each other, making sure that you both spend time together where you are both really able to let your hair down and relax and enjoy being together simply sharing time together from the hectic pace of living, also initiating and sharing loving intimate moments, making each other realize that in these moments you share that there is something that keeps the flame burning for you both and it is love.

In conclusion

If you are a person that is a love obsessive who is constantly looking for the high that love brings, then do seek professional help as this is not normal, and you are missing out on opportunities of experiencing real and everlasting love with another person. When we chase love time after time there will come a day, where you will wake up and realize that your life has passed by and you are still missing out and you have had many a relationship without them ever lasting. So do get the help that you need.

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