The Psychology In Love Relationships

Psychology in relationships for love

Psychology in relationships for love

Everybody wants to experience deep everlasting love with someone, the yearning for this comes from wanting to experience the emotion of love. There is a psychology in love of why people want to experience this in life. For some that  chase love it only becomes elusive and they become frustrated and at a loss within themselves as to why they cannot have this in their life. So understanding exactly what love is and why we can chase this emotion that unfortunately does elude many people in life. The reason why it eludes is because people do not understand what love really is as it comes in many forms.

Initially when we meet someone we become attracted to them and next thing you know is that you think you have fallen in love with the worlds greatest person, then time passes this love bubble cocoon bursts and unfortunately time to take those rose tinted glasses off and now you really see the person that you have fallen in love with.

Love in its many forms

The people we have in our lives such as family and friends we do love them differently as to how we would love our partner which is what you would call romantic love, any love we feel for our children would be maternal or paternal love, our wonderful friends it is called endearing love, so what is the psychology in love that we purse this emotion so much? For most people love means that a person cares enough for you and they have the best interests for you in their heart. When we experience having people in our life that genuinely do love and care for us, then we feel whole, as love is a nurturer of the soul.

Why we search for romantic love

It is very human to look, seek and search for romantic love as we know when we have this with our partner then we know that they will nurture and care for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When we do meet someone who is our ideal we will feel the emotion called “love” for them as they fulfil these roles as they do it all from their heart without seeking a reward, this of course endears them even more to you and it is in these moments where we will recognize the emotion of love and bask in it, the more we are able to love our partner freely the more they will able to return this love to you from their heart.

When two people love each other something as simple as a touch carries a message to their partner that says you mean so much too me, this of course is felt by the recipient and it will trigger the emotion of love as it is reciprocated with a look or a simple gesture of love back.

Why is love elusive for some people?

There are so many people all searching for love, they hope that they will meet the right person who will open the door for them to love again. Well these people will be waiting a long time for love to come to them, as they do not stop to realize that love is all around them, and that there is so many things that they could easily love that they would not search for love as it is all around them, and by being able to love in their singledom rather than waiting for someone to come along so they can love again, this is when the right person will come along into your life.

If  everybody was aware that love is an emotion that is experienced in a “moment” of time then, rather than it being an all consuming emotion that takes over your life because you live and breathe this for a person, if this is the case then it becomes “smothered love”. When this is experienced, the other person will not appreciate it after a while, as you have made them the centre of your world. This is not a healthy state to be in for any one.

Love yourself.

Love is easier to find when you are able to truly love yourself and accept your faults flaws and you do understand that you will never be perfect then it does make it easier to love others with all their faults and flaws as you will not have great expectations of them as you will not put them on a pedestal and put them in a situation where they feel forced to show their love for you time and again. What is better and healthier for you is to know that you are loveable and that it is easy to fall in love with you, and that you are loved for who you are not what you can be.

Obsessive love

There are people that do fall in love with someone and then they will start to obsess about this person and end up totally off track within themselves, this is where they will start to stalk their love, keep tabs of where there lover has been and is going to and basically make their life a misery. This generally occurs when there are issues to do with mistrust, where emotions such as jealousy and insecurity, low self esteem and lack of self love will trigger this obsessive love.

In conclusion

The psychology in love is for people to realise that love is an emotion that is experienced as a “moment” in time day in day out, as we go about our daily living this emotion of “love” will be stirred by so many things, the more we learn to love and accept ourselves the more we will be able to experience love for others, and the love for so many other things, such as the breathtaking scent of a Damscena Rose where the scent can evoke the emotion of love for the beauty and scent of the rose. Love always starts from within and will fan out to all that you choose to give your love too in its many forms.



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